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Cloud Access

Simplified migration to the Public Cloud for your on-premises workloads

Giving you streamlined access to the leading cloud vendors, Cloud Access service enable your business to cost effectively transition to the cloud  with clarity, and at an accelerated pace.

Eliminating infrastructure limitations, the public cloud offers organisations the unparalleled agility and elastic scalability that’s needed for today’s fast-paced digital economy – with the added advantage of a pay-per-use pricing model.

But with so many providers and service offerings to choose from, navigating what’s right for your business and ensuring your solution is architected with security, performance and cost containment in mind is a complex situation.

Introducing Cloud Access from Bell Integration:

  • An end-to-end solution, providing all you need to assess, plan and migrate your workloads to the public cloud
  • Using Bell’s tested methodology vClarus
  • Providing a tailored solution to meet your business needs, driving efficiency, optimisation, and performance
  • Enabling a faster time to market simple and efficient with no long-winded processes
  • Optional managed security for your workloads
  • A cloud infrastructure that’s continually optimised for best performance
  • Providing an AI fronted end Managed Service solution 24x7x365


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Our Approach

Our uncomplicated approach ensures you achieve a smooth transition to the cloud without risk of business disruption. In the process, we ensure your workloads are optimised, and that you always have the right-sized infrastructure.

Assess Your Needs

Our Cloud Access Discovery Service provides a business, technical and cost analysis of your environment to ensure that the right cloud platforms and products are targeted.

Discovery Of Your Environment

Having identified your workload and technical needs and and employing Bell’s vClarus tooling, we next assess which cloud provider, products and models that offer the most cost-efficient match for your organisation. Our detailed Discovery Report features recommendations, options and exclusions that will help to simplify your decision-making process.

Design & Build Your Solution

Accelerating your journey to the cloud, Bell’s solutions are tailored and optimised to your organisation’s needs, utilising the detailed insights acquired during the discovery and analyse phase. In addition to this, vClarus identifies the timeline and effort required to transition to this target environment.


Having created the solution and migration template, we’ll build a landing zone, implement connectivity and security (optional) you’ll need, and ensure that any additional products that you may require are scoped and in place. Bell’s unique vClarus workload migration methodology ensures a cost-effective and low risk migration of your applications, data and services.


Use Bell’s AI Managed Services to reduce costs and deliver the stability, security, scalability, and reliability of your workload in the cloud.

Partner with Bell Integration to  migrate, manage, optimise, reduce cost and improve security of your bespoke public cloud solution.

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