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Data Centre Migration

Data centre migration allows you to relocate critical apps, services and data whilst safeguarding business-as-usual operations

Regardless of what’s driving your data centre migration – making the move to a co-location data centre provider, undertaking a cloud transformation project or tackling a business merger or acquisition – one thing’s for sure, you need your migration to go as smoothly and safely as possible. Ensuring your critical apps, services, data and security aren’t compromised is just part of the challenge. You also need to ensure migration execution is efficient and streamlined, so that target milestones are met.

The Challenge

Key challenges for data centre migration include:

  • Lacking the pre-requisite skills or resources to execute a migration process
  • Minimising disruptions to business-as-usual operations
  • Knowing what to migrate and when
  • Avoiding costly overruns or delays

Making appropriate choices Kickstarting your data centre migration blindfolded is a big risk. You need to safeguard operations with a robust disaster recovery and backup initiative, keeping critical systems running during the migration. You’ll also need to know everything about your apps – including long-forgotten legacy applications. In other words, you need to understand everything that’s taking place in your existing environment.

But without understanding exactly how your systems function, it’s difficult to make the right choices, or orchestrate the movement of critical apps and data in the most appropriate manner. It’s a complicated endeavour that, if not managed properly, could cause long term problems.

dc migration

The Solution

A comprehensive end-to-end approach Bell Integration has significant experience in this arena, having migrated tens of thousands of workloads successfully, on time and on budget. Our end-to-end process provides a systematic approach to managing a planned transition to your new environment.

To minimise downtime or disruption, everything we do is underpinned by our industry-leading migration governance environment — vClarus — a key contributor to the enviable reputation we’ve earned in this field. From application discovery to workload migration, we’ve got it covered. Giving you a fixed cost, fixed outcome programme, that delivers on the promise of your data centre optimisation vision.

Our Approach to Data Centre Migration Viewing Time: 1:58


Discovery and analysis - We undertake a comprehensive application discovery process to understand application candidacy and inter-dependencies and evaluate exactly what underpins your existing service environment.


Planning - We develop a detailed data centre migration strategy and carefully define your migration plan timescales. Factoring in all aspects of the move — from application, data and server migration, to testing and contingency planning.


Execution and post-migration optimisation - We initiate a planned migration of your applications and data, utilising our vClarus toolset to ensure your migration execution is sequenced correctly. Alongside addressing issues like service availability and security, we deploy data migration tools to minimise disruption and assure data integrity.


Monitoring and testing - Throughout the process, we undertake constant monitoring and testing to ensure problems can be instantly addressed – and deadlines met. Ensuring you can deliver on the promise of your data centre optimisation vision.


We worked with a global bank to deliver a DC migration project with zero customer impact or disruption to operations

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Data Centre Migration for a Global Bank

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