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IoT Facemask Compliance Detection

Choose IOT to monitor and ensure compliance and safety of PPE usage

Ensure PPE compliance with real-time mask detection and notifications from Bell Integration

Our Facemask Compliance Detection solution highlights whether people are wearing facemasks and that they wearing them correctly (e.g. covering their nose and mouth). The solution provides local feedback using simple icons to show compliance and non-compliance, whilst local vision processing ensures the privacy and anonymity of the individual. The detection system ensures compliance and safety across multiple units and sites with historic reporting.

This stand-alone solution includes a tripod, camera, gateway and screen, which has a quick self-installation that is fully supported for 12 months.


Choose from a localised solution or an Enterprise Integration to best suit your business:

Localised solution                   

The solution can be extended to deliver additional functions such as people flow, occupancy and threshold counting, social distancing, and zone access and usage.

Bell Integration delivers an end-to-end IoT capability from procurement, asset management, logistics, deployment and ultimately, customer support in a multi-vendor world. We have over 20 years’ experience in this capability.

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