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IoT Building Energy Management

Remotely manage your building's systems and reduce energy consumption and carbon waste with IoT

A properly functioning Building Management System (BMS) is crucial to minimising energy consumption. However many organisations are running out of date systems or do not have a BMS believing them to be too costly to integrate.

Typically businesses use multiple suppliers to provide their utilities, each with its own hardware, software and data systems, which operate independently, unable to connect to each another.

This means that many operators are working blind without the ability to holistically monitor and optimise their buildings’ systems energy consumption. This results in higher costs and carbon waste.


The Solution

IoT can play an important role in solving this problem. Sensors that allow data gathering and understanding of a wide range of systems can help managers create policies to control consumption and waste. These controls offer major savings and a comprehensive understanding of the systems within a building.



IOT Building Energy Management

Bell Integration is working with t-mac Technologies and O2 to provide building energy management solutions, which help businesses to remotely monitor, manage and reduce energy consumption and costs across multiple sites.


Real Time Data - Once installed, the system gathers real-time metering data from multi-utilities, as well as sub-meters, for activity areas such as lighting, heating and air conditioning.


Detailed Reporting, Analytics and Alerts - By connecting sensors, such as temperature, pressure and lux (light), the t-mac system monitors environmental conditions, instantly visualising energy consumption per site.


Remote Access - t-mac expands into a building management system (BMS) for remote control of internal equipment, enabling optimum performance and use.


Reduce Costs - With control mechanisms in place, t-mac helps businesses reduce consumption by ensuring energy intensive equipment is only being used when required; and devices (e.g. air conditioning and heating) are not being used simultaneously.


Cloud Platform - Users log on to the t-mac cloud platform to holistically view, analyse, identify, compare and report on energy management activities, as well as view, implement and amend control strategies.

Why Use Bell Integration

Bell Integration distinguishes itself by not simply being a device manufacturer or a standalone service management company.

We deliver an end to end capability, from procurement, asset management, logistics, deployment and ultimately customer support in a multi-vendor world. We have over 20 years’ experience in this capability.


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