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IoT for Facility Management

Utilise IoT to provide smart facility management and predictive maintenance

We help companies efficiently integrate IoT into their facility management processes and existing infrastructure, aggregating multiple technologies to provide a single pane of glass view that enables them to drive both cost savings, operational efficiency and compliance.

An IoT FM solution can help managers unite every aspect of their facility, providing real-time tracking and monitoring of multiple operations, buildings and equipment simultaneously.

Improve building operations 40 seconds

Sensors work together with a smart building management system to drive new insights and provide real-time alerts, which can enable facility managers to:

Automate tasks

Reacting instantly to changes in status (temperature, air quality, occupancy) or to alerts. Staff can be deployed automatically via the management portal.

Accurately allocate resources

Measuring asset utilisation, footfall or real-time sensor alerts, enables cleaning, maintenance or security staff to be deployed when required. This avoids over-provisioning or needless cleaning and maintenance.

Set up predictive maintenance schedules

The condition, performance or utilisation of equipment and utilities can be assessed over time. The trend data can then be used to accurately schedule maintenance.

Reduce time-to-act

Sensors provide real-time alerts, which enable the facilities manager to instantly respond to any issues faster. This improves building services, the working environment and well-being of staff.

Centrally monitor and control utilities

Power, heating, lighting and air quality can all be monitored via the management portal. Consumption can be reduced by ensuring energy intensive equipment is only being used when required. This reduces costs and lowers carbon emissions.

Prove compliance

Sensors provide what is essentially a digital audit trail, serving as the foundation for accurate reporting. This can be used to prove regulatory compliance for health and safety, sustainability and service levels.

Why Bell Integration

Providing a single point of contact, we provide an end-to end IoT facilities management solution from inception and solution design to achieve the outcome, the procuring and staging of devices, deployment and set up of the devices, configuration of the associated real-time data platform and monitoring platform, long-term data collection and big data analytics to help businesses meet compliance and operational efficiencies, as well as driving further value through the solution with big data analytics.

iot solution design

Implementing the Internet of Things helps facility managers scale and optimise their operations efficiently and saving money, whilst ensuring compliance and the health and well-being of staff, tenants and customers.

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