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IoT Lone Worker Protection

Providing the best IOT safety solutions to protect the welfare of your employees

Employers of lone workers have a legal duty to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of their employees.

For lone workers, this includes regular contact, monitoring, location tracking at pre-agreed intervals and a reliable system to ensure the employee has returned to base once they have completed their task.

The combination of increased numbers of lone workers (over 6 million in the UK) and more robust legislation around duty of care means that organisations are under pressure to ensure that their teams are safe and secure as they work.


IoT can play an important part in meeting these challenges, whilst improving productivity and maintaining health and safety compliance. Mobile devices and sensors connected to a cloud platform can monitor and track the lone workers (in and outdoors), auto-alerts can then be set up for inactivity, non-appearance, being off site, and trips or falls.

lone worker safety

The users can summon assistance with a panic button and can easily communicate back and forth to the control room via their device. The cloud platform can provide monitoring with live reporting and analytics.


Why Bell Integration

Bell integration are working with market leaders O2 and Oysta to provide bespoke managed services to fit the specific needs of your organisation, starting with an assessment of your workplace. We would create a personalised lone worker plan, and then provide the right solution to ensure your employees have the best possible lone worker support available.

We deliver an end to end capability, from procurement, asset management, logistics, deployment and ultimately customer support in a multi-vendor world. We have over 20 years’ experience in this capability.



Improved Safety – Having the proper processes in place to report incidents and safeguard against dangers.


Compliance - Avoiding the financial penalties and potential bad press linked with not fulfilling duty of care for your lone workers.


Cost Reduction - Repeated incidents and poor safeguards will lead to reduced staff morale, absenteeism, lost productivity, higher staff turnover and recruitment costs.


User friendly - Utilising cutting-edge technology with simple user-friendly devices. Many of our solutions are ready to use out of the box.

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