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Return to Work Services – help prevent the spread of Covid-19

As businesses look to return to normal they need to ensure the safety and well being of their employees and customers by minimising the risk of exposure to Covid-19.

The pandemic has brought about an increased need for all organisations to be able to adapt to swiftly. Arguably, digital transformation and technology has already played a major part in fighting the virus, enabling remote working solutions to allow business to continue during lockdown and social distancing.

As restrictions are lifted there’s an appetite for normal business operations to resume as quickly as possible, providing that risk is mitigated as much as possible, with additional monitoring and increased health precautions.


Return to work with Bell Integration

Working with O2 we can help organisations deploy cutting-edge IoT solutions and the latest technology to help mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

Fever Screening – Our thermal camera solution provides the ability to check individuals entering a business premises to ascertain whether they are Covid-19 symptomatic and creating subsequent actions to keep your organisation safe. Our end to end solution provides hardware, installation, training and support with optional workflow solutions and analytic packages and reporting where required.

covid 19 temperature scanner

Digital Contactless Receptions – Enabling fast and secure access control into the workplace, whilst limiting the risk of contamination. We can provide a service where your visitors will receive unique QR codes for smooth check-ins and access to designated areas of your premises without the need of human intervention.


Contactless Reception with Temperature Screening – Our contactless reception enables fast, secure and safe access control into the workplace. Infrared tablets provide temperature screening of visitors, staff and customers helping to limit the risk of contamination.


Social Distancing Room Management – Sensors monitor the people count and occupancy status of communal areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and meeting areas and displays access status accordingly. Once the count monitors occupancy at an acceptable level to be in accordance with social distancing rules then the access status of a particular area changes automatically.


Social Distancing Queuing solutions – Ensure the correct social distancing measures and replace physical queues and busy waiting rooms with faster Virtual queues. Schedule customers with our software and manage waiting lists to avoid overcrowding.


Footfall Measurement & Management – The Government has provided additional guidelines to retailers to limit the number of shoppers in stores at any one time to help combat the spread of Covid-19. Our footfall measurement solution accurately counts the number of people entering or leaving a retail space. The solution alerts staff and prompts customers to queue outside if capacity is reached.

footfall measurement


Hand Wash Sensors & Cleaning Log Solutions – Our solution monitors usage allowing for a reactive cleaning schedule. This reduces cost, improves washroom management and creates a safe clean environment with reporting control.


Digital Signage – We can provide temporary and permanent installations of displays which can collaborate with many of the solutions above. Our screen can help provide messaging to bring people back to the workplace, whilst limiting contamination.


Collaborative Meeting Rooms – Turn any room into a collaborative meeting space allowing for office staff and remote workers to safely communicate whilst retaining the personal touch of face to face contact. Our end to end solution includes hardware, installation and support.


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