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Safer Space - Social Distancing

Ensure social distancing with a wearable smart hub that detects and alerts close proximity to co-workers.

Social distancing has proven to be effective means to help combat the spread of the virus. As industry returns to normal organisations need to meet the government guidelines and ensure the safety of its workforce by minimising the risk of exposure to Covid-19. This can be a particular challenge for worker out onsite and away from company infrastructure.


The Solution

IoT and wearable tech has an important role to play. The Safer Space solution utilises the Eleksen wearable smart hub, this connects workers to each other, their supervisors and their site offices. If co-workers get too close the hubs alert both workers and the control room of the breach, with Sound, Light & Vibration.

eleksen safer space

Bluetooth connectivity present in the Eleksen hub detects other hubs and alerts on a configurable distances. This helps organisations measure and enforce social distancing and keep people safe when they have to work.


Eleksen Safer Space

The benefits of safer space

A wearable solution that assists Industrial employees to maintain their 2m social distancing safe space. It also enables employers to monitor:


Real Time - alerts and effectiveness of their social distancing policies in real-time


Bump Reporting - highlighting Issues relating to employee density in different parts of their site(s)


Individuals at Risk - if an employee has been infected then the individual they have been in close contact with can be identified


Site Comparison - compare effectiveness of policies across different sites


Audit Trails - demonstrating compliance with recommended policy


Detailed Reporting - for deeper analysis

Why Bell Integration

Our end to end solution consisting of devices, real time business intelligence, management and automation, this drives operational efficiencies, reduces ‘time to act’ to events and provides audit and compliance information to support commercial billing.


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