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IoT Fever Screening

Ensure a safe working environment with thermal scanning and IoT

As Covid-19 lockdown eases, organisations need to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and clients by minimising risk of exposure to the virus.


The Challenge

Employers owe a duty of care to staff in order to assure them of a safe working environment. Safeguards will be both advised and mandated by the Government. Implementing these and returning to some semblance of “normal” will require operational changes combined with expedited process and technological delivery. A high fever is the most prominent symptom of Covid-19.

Temperature capture for identifying likelihood of individuals carrying the virus, combined with a robust and verifiable follow-up process provides an effective, non-invasive and efficient return to work protocol that needs to be implemented quickly by all businesses.

fever cam
New technology is available to assist in minimising the risk, through automation and reducing human interaction which could potentially save lives. Working with O2 we will enable you to swiftly implement a thermal scanning solution across all of your facilities, providing a non-invasive read of body temperatures of those arriving on-site, quickly highlighting those with a potential fever while allowing others to pass through easily.

Thermal imaging cameras can be used in any environment, however, they are particularly beneficial in those with high footfall and where speed is a contributing factor, such as airports, healthcare, transport and public spaces.

Why use Bell Integration?

We can provide a full managed service which includes:


Remote consultation - We can provide initial planning and design, advising you on the best possible IoT thermal scanning monitoring solution to meet your needs.


The latest thermal scanners - We can provide specialist applications, training and implementation of the latest thermal imaging technology, that will help protect your staff and customers.


Data Platform - Our workflow fever screening solution is hosted on the cloud, the data platform application records the flow of people into your building providing temperature readings in less than a second. The system instantly alerts the thermal scanner operator by providing appropriate instructions should any visitor have an elevated temperature.


Big Data - We provide optional monitoring, live reporting and instant alerts. Legacy data is stored enabling deep analysis and further recommendations to be made.


Fully Managed - With 24 - 7 support, replacement hardware, software updates and rapid recovery for any unplanned outages, our managed service offers excellent peace of mind.

Our fever scanning solution monitors, manages and helps you maintain a safe people flow through your building.

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