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Smart Buildings

Our IoT smart building solution gives you unique insight, whilst reducing cost and improving facilities

Sensors provide real-time alerts and enable automation in the BMS (Building Management System) and for facility management services to become reactive. So cleaning, maintenance and security schedules can adjusted to meet immediate demand.


iot smart buildings

Data is collected and collated on a cloud platform and displayed on a single dash board which provides a granular view of the actual reality inside and outside of the building.

This real-time view of all facets of building activity, understood in conjunction with automated workflows will help drive efficiencies into daily operations, lowering operational costs.

A bespoke dashboard provides a focal point of information and control with live alerts and trend analysis

smart building IOT dashboard

IoT Smart Building Solutions:


IoT Building Energy Management - Bell Integration is working with t-mac Technologies to provide building energy management solutions, which help businesses to remotely monitor, manage and reduce energy consumption and costs across multiple sites.


People Counting and Real Time Building Occupancy Management - This solution monitors the people count and occupancy status of communal areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and meeting areas and it displays access status accordingly.


Desk Occupancy and Meeting Room Usage - Employ IoT to remotely monitor office utilisation, enabling you to right-size your office space, optimise meeting rooms and reduce cost.


Reduce the risk of Covid -19 - IoT can be used to identify visitors ad staff running a high temperature as well as flag whether they are wearing PPE facemasks. The appropriate action can then be taken by staff to help mitigate the risk of infection.


Contactless receptions - Staff and customers can sign in by scanning a QR code at your premises/location using their device, resulting in a smooth sign in, with optional fever screening without the need of human interaction.


Smart Washrooms - Sensors measure footfall and soap and hand towel dispenser usage. The sensors are linked to a cloud platform, which alerts cleaning staff via a mobile app when supplies run low.


Reactive Staff Schedules - Matching cleaning, maintenance and security schedules to footfall, facility usage and incident alerts enables service improvements and operational efficiencies to be gained.


IoT Security - Sensors monitor movement, or forced entry work, in conjunction with IP cameras, reactive lighting, security and alarm systems. This provides real-time video analytics, instant alerts to staff and the ability to assess threats, trespassers, hostility, theft or damage to company property.


IoT Asset Tracking - Any asset and its condition can be tracked, whether it's pallets, people, vehicles or office equipment. Should the item's condition or location deviate from the norm, alerts are raised on the cloud platform.


Lone Worker Protection - Mobile devices and sensors connected to a cloud platform can monitor and track lone workers (in and outdoors), and auto-alerts can then be set up for inactivity, non-appearance, being off-site, and for any trips or falls.


Smart Lighting - Powered by wind and solar with built-in energy storage. Renewable energy reduces cost and provides reactive street lighting, surveillance, 5G connectivity and USB/vehicle charging services.


Smart Furniture - Transform outside spaces with smart benches to create social space to meet, charge your phone and connect to 5G with solar energy.


IoT Environmental Measurement - Our IoT solution provides indoor air quality sensors linked to a hub, which accesses a cloud platform. A customisable dashboard provides data on CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, airborne chemicals, radon, light, occupancy and pressure.

Bell Integration delivers an end-to-end IoT capability from procurement, asset management, logistics, deployment and ultimately, customer support in a multi-vendor world. We have over 20 years’ experience in this capability.

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