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Smart Garments - Industrial Wearable Tech

Wearable technology in the oil, gas, transport and construction industry is growing in popularity. Employers with staff onsite, often operating in hazardous conditions are turning to IoT to make the workplace safer.

Smart garments can have multiple sensors to protect and connect workers to each other, their supervisor and to their site offices. These sensors work together providing, alerts, tracking and reporting. This is managed on a single platform.

The smart garment solution helps minimise risk, ensure safety, whilst maximising control, improving productivity and staying fully compliant to government legislation.

wearable tech

Working with Eleksen and WTL our end to end solution consists of devices, real time business intelligence, management and automation. This drives operational efficiencies, improves site safety, reduces ‘time to act’ to events and provides audit and compliance information to support commercial billing and meet government guidelines.

Multiple solutions within a single PPE garment

Powered by the wearable Eleksen smart hub, PPE equipped with multiple sensors allows for unified alerts, communications and tracking.


Safer Space Social Distancing - Detects and alerts close proximity to co-workers, maintains and enforces government guide lines for social distancing. Find out more


Hazardous Environments and Early Warning Systems - Using 3rd party sensors; alerting is triggered by excessive noise, heat, gas, vibration and more.


Vehicle Proximity Warnings - Moving vehicles in factories and warehouses, construction sites and ground works.


Worker Safety and Lone Worker - Providing SOS and man-down panic alerting with supervisor messaging and acknowledgements.


Activity Monitoring and Site Attendance - Log and track attendance for employees and contractors onsite.


Improve worker efficiency and operations productivity - Trace movement around a site or factory location to improve processes.


Worker Vital Signs and Ergonomics - Monitor workers’ heart rate, pressure, temperature, lifting positions and posture using 3rd party sensors.

Why Bell Integration

Bell Integration distinguishes itself by not simply being a device manufacturer or a standalone service management company.

We deliver an end to end capability, from procurement, asset management, logistics, deployment and ultimately customer support in a multi vendor world. We have over 20 years experience in this capability.

To find out more please contact us

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