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Smart IOT Furniture

IoT combined with solar energy has evolved the ordinary park bench into a smart connective meeting point and energy platform, helping to transform retail and public spaces

Strawberry Energy provide smart, sustainable outdoor furniture for urban spaces. The Smart Mini-Bench combines contemporary design with cutting edge technology to provide a social space to meet, charge your phone and connect to WiFi .

The Mini Bench has been used to enhance city and town centres, public places, retail spaces, event venues, leisure facilities and educational establishments.


smart bench


Solar powered with integrated energy storage, allows for easy USB or wireless charging. The renewable energy also powers wireless connectivity and environmental sensors.

Physical advertising space is available on the bench itself and digital advertising space on the app and WiFi pages. Creating potential revenue streams and branding opportunities.

Real time usage and environmental stats are accessible via Strawberry’s cloud platform.

The Smart Bench Mini 44

How Bell Integration Can help

Delivering value from a connected world of things requires Internet connected solutions, working with O2 and Strawberry nergy Bell Integration brings the experience in building supply chain ecosystems that enables you to deliver faster, better at scale solutions in an ever-evolving world.

Bell Integration distinguishes itself by not simply being a device manufacturer or a standalone service management company.

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