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Virtual Queues

Manage customer flow within any store or waiting room, minimise physical queues and maintain social distancing

Social distancing has proven to be successful in reducing the risk of infection, as organisations return to normal managing the capacity and flow of customers and avoiding congestion, to meet government social distancing guidelines has become a priority.

Qudini’s and Bell Integration can ensure that the correct social distancing measures are being met by replacing physical queues, congested stores and busy waiting rooms with virtual queues. This allows the organisation to control footfall whilst maintaining customer satisfaction levels.

Qudini’s Queue Management Software allows customers to wait remotely when wanting to enter a store, receive in-person services or pickup an item they’ve purchased online.


Customers join a virtual queue through a host with a tablet, a self-service kiosk or from phones (app, QR code or SMS).


They are then provided with a queue position number and a personalised wait time, and are kept updated by SMS, weblink countdown and TV displays.


Customers receive an SMS alert when it’s time to enter the store.


  • Control the number of customers in store
  • Professionally greet customers by already having their details and knowing what they are looking for
  • Schedule customers and manage waiting lists and avoid walk outs
  • Loyalty recognition for returning customers
  • Minimise human interaction
  • Accurately schedule staff to meet demand
  • Collect customer data for detailed analytics


Appointment booking software also allows customers to pre-book a time-slot to enter a store, receive personalised service in-person or virtually, or pickup an item they’ve purchased online. Customers select a fixed time-slot to visit or to receive a service. Once the booking is confirmed, customers receive confirmation and reminder messages via email and SMS.


Why Bell

Working with O2 we can help organisations deploy cutting-edge IoT solutions and the latest technology to help mitigate the effects of COVID-19. Virtual queues can be integrated into our other fever scanning and contact-less reception solutions to help reduce the chance of infection.

We deliver an end-to-end IOT capability, from procurement, asset management, logistics, deployment and ultimately customer support in a multi vendor world. We have over 20 years experience in this capability.

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