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Migrate to a modern IT infrastructure to reduce cost and drive efficiency

cloud migration

Execute migration projects with clarity, certainty and control

Your organisation is prioritising digital initiatives like never before. Workload migration is fundamental to making positive change happen so that you can drive new value fast and accelerate your modernisation plans.

We help organisations fast track their migration projects so they can modernise their IT infrastructure, helping them to reduce cost, increase efficiency, improve productivity and drive digital transformation.

vClarus Bells End-to-end migration platform


Experienced at helping organisations of all sizes successfully migrate all types of workloads – including entire data centres to the cloud – we’ve developed the methodology, best practices, tools and services needed to transition securely, and with control, to your new environment.

From determining the right migration strategy for your organisation to architecting an agile and robust execution schedule, we’ve got you covered at every step of the journey.

vClarus — a proven approach

We’ve helped companies of all shapes and sizes migrate tens of thousands of workloads to all types of platforms, with no unexpected costs or security vulnerabilities.

Our tried and tested vClarus methodology combines the governance tools, people and processes required to architect a tightly defined migration project – complete with all the insights and controls you need to make informed decisions – and flawlessly execute.

The benefits of working with Bell

  • Accelerate and de-risk your data centre or cloud migration project – from gap analysis that removes the risk of unexpected surprises to ensuring your target environment is appropriately provisioned, our end-to-end process delivers predictable outcomes.
  • Align your migration strategy to business needs – we’ll accelerate business value by defining guiding principles that ensure business users can consume the services they need.
  • Understand your options – eliminate the risk of under or over provisioning, decommission redundant data sources, and gain a full cost-to-compute analysis of your target environment.
  • Achieve end-to-end governance – integrated reporting and controls for every workstream deliver an optimised and highly efficient execution process.

Our Approach

  • 1. Assessment

    Scoping all relevant elements and business case requirements, we evaluate your target architecture and migration constraints.

  • 2. Discovery and analysis

    We map your application stack, workflows and user profiles to give you a 360-degree representation of your existing services, applications and infrastructure. We’ll build a single aggregated data set, proactively address data quality, and undertake an in-depth review of your readiness to migrate.

  • 3. Design and planning

    Next, we’ll formulate the best migration methods to utilise and establish a global migration strategy, complete with templates and detailed tasks for each phase of the migration process.

  • 4. Execution

    We manage/drive/govern test and transition services to your new environment, providing real-time progress reports on each scheduled phase. Using vClarus, we make sure each stage is appropriately sequenced and monitored to eliminate the risk of slippage or delays.

We ensure your new environment is optimised for maximum efficiency, performance and operational ROI. In addition we can manage your environment, ensuring you extract the maximum value and agility from your investment.