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Cloud Platform

Centralised cloud management that simplifies how you manage, consume and right-size cloud services in-line with operational need

cloud platform

Initiate adaptive cloud operations that enable you to do more with less – using insights-driven automation to unlock agility and respond fast to changing business demands

Whether you’re just getting started with public cloud, or are looking to extend your existing cloud services ecosystem, our cloud platform and management services enable you to reap maximum value across your entire cloud operations – and boost the performance and agility of your business.

With Bell Integration you will:

  • Safeguard performance – our automated cloud operations platform delivers the resilience, control and reliability you need to maintain consistent operations and keep users productive.
  • Unlock agility and adaptability – effortlessly re-engineer, align and streamline your cloud environment to support fast-changing business needs.
  • Minimise wastage – and achieve significant savings on compute costs.
  • Transform your understanding of cloud spend – our platform gives you real-time dashboards and analytics that make it easy to monitor and manage your cloud infrastructure services.

“Over 50% of organisations workloads are in the public cloud. Despite many organisations being focused on optimising their solutions its estimated that over 30% of cloud spend is wasted.”

Flexera 2022 State of the Cloud Report

Delivering real-world business outcomes

Our cloud platform and operational management services ensure you can remotely monitor, manage and troubleshoot every aspect of your cloud environment. Driving enhanced performance for users in the most effective, efficient and streamlined way possible.

Delivering access to the right skills and 24×7 support you need to maximise your cloud operations and respond to changing business needs, we make it quick and easy to respond to market changes and re-engineer your cloud operating model to deliver better digital experiences for employees and customers.

Bell’s cloud management platform and associated end-to-end services make it possible to:

  • Right size and auto-scale services for optimal productivity
  • Simplify how you manage and support your cloud environment
  • Initiate the intelligent automation of your operational model to deliver continual improvement
  • Avoid under or over committing to cloud resources
  • Switch workloads to optimise value and performance
  • Gain clarity and control of cloud costs

Cloud Platform From Bell Integration

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Why Work with Bell

  • Multi-cloud support

    Our solution gives you access to a full range of cloud providers for the efficient purchasing, monitoring, and provisioning of services through a single cloud platform.

  • Cloud Provisioning

    We capture your requirements and ensure that services are stable and appropriately transitioned in the most value-led way possible – and are proactively managed to defined service levels.

  • Simplified Cloud management

    Take advantage of self-service dashboards and access to automated provisioning and management of multiple cloud providers. Our AI-powered intelligent automations ensure your operations keep pace with productivity demands and your ever-evolving business landscape. That includes autoscaling services to drive reliability, efficiency and productivity for users while unlocking enhanced services to support business growth. Our intelligent automations transform how you generate value across your cloud operations, manage change, and evolve how you operate in the cloud.

  • 24x7 support

    Our certified experts are on hand to provide the round-the-clock resources and support your organisation needs to keep your business seamlessly connected and secure, manage the user experience, and navigate multi-cloud complexities. With Bell, you can harness the power of the cloud with confidence and transform your cloud operations model in line with changing business needs and priorities.

  • Cost control and transparency

    Gain a holistic and data-driven view of your cloud estate, taking advantage of performance and cost saving recommendations from our consultants and our platform’s analytics and reporting function. Our platform gives you real-time dashboards that deliver insight and control over departmental cloud spend and make it easy to accurately assign and manage chargeback costs.

  • Consolidated billing

    Centralise all your cloud provider accounts into a single consolidated billing portal that makes it easier to monitor your cloud infrastructure services and helps you to reduce cloud sprawl and take advantage of compute and storage volume tiers.