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IoT as a Service

Rapidly scale and ensure RoI on your solution

iot as a service

Unlock new business value fast with IoT ecosystems that transform workplaces, improve efficiency and unlock data-driven insights.

Returning value to your business with IoT requires the project to be up and running quickly and rolled out efficiently.  

However, delivering a successful IoT initiative requires a diverse set of technical skills and know-how to ensure the ecosystem of devices, data and processes performs as expected – and is capable of scaling quickly.  

We know that architecting an IoT solution is a complex proposition. We also know what it takes to accelerate time-to-value from an IoT initiative. 

Bell’s IoT-as-a-Service delivers rapid access to all the resources, specialisations, and technology that you will need to architect and run your IoT solution effectively.

IoT as a Service

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Why Bell Integration?

Developed to take your project from a proof-of-concept to a fully deployed solution, our IoT-as-a-Service portfolio makes it easy to start small, and grow quickly. This helps explore various use cases, test and procure hardware and to integrate data flows and processes efficiently.  

Whilst ensuring your IoT project gets off to a great start, we’re also able to manage, monitor and support your deployed IoT devices and infrastructure 24×7, or in conjunction with your customer facing service teams. 

Because IoT isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ enterprise solution, we’ll make sure you benefit from an integrated and end-to-end solution that is designed to meet your specific business needs. By integrating new IOT data with existing sources, you will be able to leverage this real-world IoT insight to drive operational improvements, boost revenue and elevate your customers’ experience. 

With Bell Integration you can:

  • Rapidly architect and build

    IoT applications/solutions for specific business needs, enabling IoT projects to be quickly implemented efficiently

  • Deploy en masse

    by on-boarding preconfigured IoT devices at scale

  • 24-7 support

    enables you to take advantage of a fully managed IoT infrastructure and service operation.

  • Reduce time to act

    by eliminating data silos and tap into real-world data fast.

  • Utilise data analytics

    and visualisation services that unlocks new levels of business intelligence.

Providing a complete solution portfolio, we will ensure your IoT project gets off to a great start. We’re also on hand to rapidly scale, monitor and support your IoT devices and infrastructure.