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IoT Data Analytics

Transform real-time IoT data into actionable intelligence

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Transform real-time IoT data into actionable intelligence that supports better, more informed and faster decision-making.

We help you harness data-driven insights from your assets, so you can adapt and refine operational processes, drive business efficiencies, and capture new opportunities.

Your ability to increase productivity, improve the customer experience, and optimise operational performance depends on being able to analyse the data generated by your IoT platforms as soon as it is captured.

Utilising this data in a timely manner is just part of the challenge. You also need to make it easy for decision-makers across the business to access these insights in an easy-to-consume manner. So they can monitor operations 24/7 and make more informed decisions that will generate better business outcomes.

Problem is that the sheer volume and complexity of IoT data can make it difficult to use. To accelerate your digital ambitions, you need to harness data quickly and bring the power of real-time analytics directly to users. And that’s where Bell Integration can help.

Unleash the power of real-time data insights

  • Eliminating data silos and ensuring that real-world IoT data is appropriately ingested and transformed into smart data is part and parcel of what we do.
  • We’ll help you capture, ingest, integrate and intelligently leverage data from your IoT devices. So you can accelerate business value and foster business innovation.
  • From delivering access to higher quality and more standardised data, to enabling federated data ecosystems that deliver visibility and insights for all your business stakeholders, we’ll empower you to connect the dots – and optimise how you collect and analyse data.
  • Our end-to-end service encompasses data analytics platforms and professional services that make it possible to do more with the valuable and strategic data captured from your IoT devices. So you can make better, more informed decisions faster – and leverage data to generate sustained competitive advantage.

With Bell Integration you can:

  • Analyse data as it happens

    Identify patterns and act in the moments that matter the most with analysis, alerts, and notifications that make it possible to detect and respond to significant events the moment these occur. So you can respond faster to maximise operational efficiency or innovate rapidly to delight customers.

  • Finetune your processes

    Combine real-time streaming data with historical data to discover trends and learn from the past. By gaining new insights about your operations and performance, you can identify how and where to work smarter and improve processes to save time and money.

  • Give users the analytics they need

    Put self-service dashboards and real-time reporting directly into the hands of operational and business users. So they can evaluate data directly, and on their own, without the help of a data scientist.

  • Make data intelligible

    From powerful visualisations through to user-friendly interfaces and displays, we make it easy for everyone to get the insights they need with just a single click.

Why Bell Integration?

We help organisations in a variety of industry sectors to intelligently analyse data from their connected IoT devices and make the most of their real-time data insights. Everything from helping public transport operators optimise traveller journeys, minimise congestion, and make better operational decisions. Through to helping firms reduce workplace risks and improve productivity in the office.