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Smart Buildings

Improve building facilities whilst reducing cost

smart buildings

Unleash a world of connected possibilities
with Bell Integration, unlocking new
capabilities and business value fast

Today’s IoT technologies are revolutionising how organisations capture data relating to assets, spaces and people. Making it possible to transform built environments into a smart, agile and sustainable ecosystems where operational processes are optimised and resources utilised to the max.

Designed to deliver quick time-to-value, Bell Integration’s scalable Connected Building solutions provide everything needed to get up and running fast. Our end-to-end managed IoT services feature:

  • Complete lifecycle management – from project design through to device procurement, configuration and installation through to end of life device recovery for re-use/recycle.
  • Managed support – we’ll monitor and manage your IoT devices, taking care of every aspect of your connected environment. Alongside our Service Desk, we provide a hardware break/fix service too.
  • Data ingestion and analytics – we take care of data collection, processing and publishing, transforming your real-world data into IoT data visualisations that will bring data-driven intelligence to life.

Building solutions made simple

With Bell Integration, you’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • A fully managed service – select the options you need – hardware and
    IOT infrastructure support, Service Desk, Procurement, Warehousing and
    Logistics, Configuration and Test, Installation and more.
  • Consultancy and professional services – from hardware and connectivity recommendations to guidance on integrations and customisation consultancy, we can also guide you on how to make the most of your data and deliver insights and visualisations to your key decision makers.
  • Pre-built solution modules – we’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to, assembling all the components you’ll need to launch a bespoke solution at speed and with no need to reinvent the wheel.

Our Smart Buildings Solution

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Our Smart Building Solutions: Quick Guide

Discover a number of pre-built solution modules designed tosimplify your IoT adoption and make it fast and easy to acquire powerful new capabilities.

  • Environment Monitoring – A scalable solution that gives you everything you need to measure a variety of environmental parameters including temperature, humidity, particulate matter, EPA Air Quality Index and ozone. The solution can be integrated with other Smart Spaces modules to deliver either a consolidated data feed or a visualisation platform with data insights:
  • Occupancy and People Counting – Optimise work or public spaces using table or wall mounted sensors to detect occupancy. Start small and scale out to monitor multiple desks, floors or buildings. Sensors communicate state changes to a gateway with embedded intelligence that transforms data into information. View indicators using an optional platform, or direct data to a pre-existing system that supports visualisation.
  • Energy Monitoring – Retrofit your spaces to monitor and report on utilities usage. Ideal for understanding where energy is consumed at a floor, department or building level, our solution provides accurate data for ESG reporting.
  • Smart Parking – Our solution features AI that detects the occupancy of carparks location by location and ‘illegally’ parked cars (for example cars
    parking in a disabled bay that are not displaying a blue disk). In addition to monitoring space occupancy, you can take advantage of ANPR recording for monitoring the enterprise’s use of allocated car parking spaces.
  • Legionella Compliance – Mitigate the risk of Legionella and demonstrate compliance with HSE ACoP L8 and HSG274 guidelines. Utilise options that will deliver alerts and undertake simple reporting or deploy a fully automated system that undertakes remote flushing and temperature testing.
  • Waste Management – Optimise how you manage bin collections and waste operations, reducing the number of containers that are missed and viewing fullness levels in real-time. Initiate on-demand collections and minimise environmental impact by responding fast to waste-related negative events.

Why Bell Integration?

  • Scalable Solutions

    From simple use cases to complex multi-building views.

  • Ease of Deployment

    Sensors and gateways are deployed from our central warehouse.

  • A Choice of Connectivity Options

    We can recommend the best choices for your business.

  • Data Management

    Integrations with enterprise and other third party applications ensure that information can be pushed and pulled as needed to enable insight infused decision-making.

  • Streamlined Integrations

    Thanks to a powerful API gateway, we ensure your IoT solution integrates your room booking system, BMS or workspace platforms. So you can deliver real-world data and initiate feedback loops for resource utilisation, asset/people monitoring use cases… and more.

Taking care of everything from solution design to procurement, asset management, logistics, deployment and multi-vendor customer support, our Smart Building solution modules deliver granular capabilities that organisations can orchestrate to their needs.

We’ve helped organisations in a variety of different industries – transport, manufacturing, utilities, housing, commercial, retail, healthcare and
public sector – enhance the safety, operation and performance of their building assets and initiate next-generation services that elevate occupant