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Smart Spaces

Unlock new business value fast and create safer, more productive workspaces

iot smart spaces

Transform workspaces with easy to implement IoT solutions that unlock data-driven insights

Today’s IoT technologies are revolutionising how organisations capture and use real-time data relating to assets, spaces and people. Powered by WiFi, intelligent sensors and AI, these next generation platforms are enhancing the capabilities of today’s smart buildings – and making them even smarter.

Operating in stand-alone mode, or integrated with enterprise platforms and Building Management Systems, our solutions enable organisations to assure the future success of their workplace strategies. Delivering all the insights your HR teams, Facility Managers and senior business managers need to unlock smarter decision-making. So they can:

  • Design appealing workspaces and improve the workplace experience for users
  • Understand how office spaces are being used and adapt and redesign accordingly
  • Manage desk and room bookings more efficiently to prevent wastage or overcrowding
  • Identify if savings can be made from downsizing office space in line with usage – or if it’s time to move to a bigger space
  • Achieve sustainability goals by adapting energy usage to people
  • Right size office services like cleaning and catering
  • Optimise environmental settings, so employees can work more productively and in comfort
  • Track air quality and changes in CO2 levels to boost worker wellbeing
  • Improve the security of people and assets

IoT Smart Spaces


Create safer, more productive spaces with Bell Integration

Our end-to-end managed IoT powered solutions make it easy to deploy everything that’s needed to achieve fast time to value.

Our end-to-end portfolio approach means we take care of everything from solution design to device procurement, configuration and installation. We also provide the IoT data visualisations and analytics you’ll need to bring decision-making to life.

Our solutions address a number of use cases including:

  • Occupancy
  • ESG monitoring
  • Waste monitoring
  • People flow and guidance
  • Smart resource scheduling

Why Bell Integration?

  • An end-to-end design to deployment solution -

    that includes monitoring and managing your IoT devices, a Service Desk and a hardware break/fix service.

  • Real-time intelligence -

    we go beyond simply implementing devices, to ensuring data is delivered as real-time intelligence that can be interrogated and understood by all.

  • Powerful integrations -

    we can integrate with any room booking system, building management system (BMS) and workspace platform (WMS). Enabling you to extend your IoT connected environment to incorporate other third party applications as you build out automations and give systems an interface to the real world.

Delivering the real-world data and feedback loops you need to optimise productivity and resource utilisation, create workplace profiles, monitor assets and human behaviour, and more.