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IPsoft and Amelia have been long considered global leaders in cognitive AI solutions for IT Service Desk and Help Desk solutions

Amelia, formerly IPsoft, is considered by almost all leading analysts, the industry leader in Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA’s). When it comes to Hyper Intelligent Automation and IVA’s, Ipsoft and Amelia stand alone atop the group according to Zinnov Zones for Intelligent Automation (IA) Services, according to Zinnov, “the industry’s first, most comprehensive, and best-in-class assessment exercise for automation services”. This assessment measures Hyper Intelligent Automation (HIA) prowess and scalability.

IPsoft Amelia, or as it is now known, Amelia, came out as the clear industry leader when assessed and benchmarked against over 30 other IVA solution and platform providers. The assessment measures Amelia’s, as well as the rest of the fields, technical capabilities in HIA, in this case IVA, with regards to their ability to deliver solutions across multiple business models in the form of platform subscription licenses or professional services, pricing and deployment models, market visibility, as well as analyze scalability, which includes the following additional assessments, financial health, depth of customer penetration, platform funding, and channel partner strength.

IPsoft and Amelia – Trusted by Global Leaders in Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing and More

Amelia is trusted by many of world’s largest brands such as Toyota, Telefonica, CGI, Fujitsu, Asics and many more to deliver Hyper Intelligent Automation via IVA’s for AIOps, IT service desk, and operational help desk solutions that include conversational AI.

IPsoft and Amelia – Extensively relies on the Channel to Deliver Professional AIOps Service Desk and Operational Help Desk Solutions and Services for Amelia Implementation and Orchestration

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The channel provides over 2X the number of Amelia implementation and orchestration projects than IPsoft provides directly to it’s clients. This makes a lot of sense when you understand many partners provide core skillsets in the areas of implementation clients are looking for. From AIOps to AI enabled IT service desk solutions to AI help desk offerings for back office and front-end enablement for finance, HR, customer service and others, partners can offer deep experience in the tasks and challenges most organisations will face. When it comes to organisations looking for IT service desk and help desk solutions driven by AI, count on Bell Integration to provide not only the Amelia expertise you need to deploy efficiently, on time, and within budget, but to drive additional ROI on your AI initiatives because they have the experience learned in solving these challenges for other clients within their managed services portfolio. Bell can add extra value right from the start by adding to Amelia’s knowledge base, that experience they have gained over the decades of providing IT service and help desk solutions to some of the world’s largest organisations. From banking and finance, to telecommunications, to insurance, healthcare, and more, Bell can bring exponential value in time to break even, increased ROI, and a smoother rollout of AI technology for better user adoption as well as higher customer and employee satisfaction rates.

When it comes to Amelia orchestration, Bell excels at increasing Amelia’s knowledge base at scale enabling your virtual agents to drive even more ROI quickly and as time goes on, than if Amelia was left to learn on her own. Sure, she is experienced already, she learns, she recommends, and will assist, but she can learn exponentially faster, and be more intelligent with someone orchestrating some of her learning experiences based on already learned processes and methodologies. Scale faster and more efficiently with AI enabled IT service and help desk solutions with Bell Integration at your, and her side.

IPsoft and Amelia – Assessed Strengths in the Industry

  • Native intelligent automation embedded with strategic orchestration that connects conversational AI to back end orchestration
  • IPsoft focuses on continuous innovation of Amelia
  • Offers both on premise and cloud deployments
  • Good coverage across third party integrations
  • Strong channel coverage with strategic implementation partners
  • Extensively implemented AI platform across diverse industry use cases with a strong horizontal implementation i.e. IT services, HR services, customer service, etc.
  • Robust capabilities with regards to intent recognition, contextual understanding, and sentiment analysis
  • Advanced conversational AI with speech recognition and voice to text functionality with the ability to reply with actionable responses as well as recall past conversations
  • Platform integrates diverse channels such as IVR, SMS, Email, Enterprise messenger, social messenger, mobile applications
  • No code digital employee builder

Why IPsoft, Amelia, and Bell Integration – The Better the Training, The Better the Outcome

While Amelia Orchestration Services are an “integrated powerhouse of Intelligent Automation, providing vital functionality and capabilities for Amelia’s Conversational AI and AIOps solutions”, She still needs to be orchestrated by human intervention to learn the processes, gain access to data, and follow provided steps to processes and automate tasks you have targeted for automation. Amelia is only as good as the orchestrator, and this is where most AI implementation projects, including those with Amelia, struggle. The Amelia partner you choose for implementation and orchestration may very well be the difference between a successful Amelia rollout, and a struggling one that leaves you wondering if AI for the Enterprise is a reasonable expectation.

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According to Amelia’s website “Companies worldwide depend on Amelia digital agents to enhance call centers, customer service and user experiences” but who does Amelia depend on? She can depend on you to help her learn, or she can depend on an organization with decades of experience in the automation of IT and organizational processes, someone who speaks her language, and knows exactly what to teach her to overcome your business challenges and have her automating key processes in short order.

The role of orchestration is as valuable as the technology platform itself. Make sure Amelia is working for you, not against you, call Bell Integration today for a free initial consultation on your organization’s potential implementation of Amelia AI for AIOps, IT service desk, or AI enabled help desk solutions.