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Desktop Support

Agile and responsive IT support for your workforce

desktop support

Ensure your workforce stays productive anytime, anywhere – at home, in the office or on the move

Your workforce needs to be able to tap into the support they need, the moment they need it. With the right managed desktop support in place you can:

  • Resolve desktop maintenance and support headaches – minimising any downtime that impacts user productivity
  • Handle asset management challenges – like keeping track of devices and what’s installed on them or taking care of new starter and leaver management
  • Ensure your desktop environment is proactively maintained, compliant and secured – streamlining everything from new software rollouts to desktop upgrades and tech refreshes
  • Improve the desktop user experience – releasing your IT team to focus on more strategic business tasks

We help businesses of every size keep pace with fast-changing end user need. Ensuring they encounter an agile and responsive service that helps them stay productive anytime, anywhere – at home, in the office or on the move.

Our next-generation Desktop Managed Services deliver business-critical support, when and where it’s needed:

  • Round the clock

    Personalised support from our expert team providing a 24/7 service desk that meets end-user needs fast.

  • Remote desktop support and on-site technicians

    We’ll troubleshoot any issue, anyway your people want.

  • Power your business forward

    Round-the-clock support for the technology assets your users depend upon, everything from desktops and laptops to mobile devices.

  • Open box ready

    We’ll ship pre-built and pre-imaged devices in hours not days, direct to your users, at home, in the office or to a secure smart locker for ultra-convenient fast pick-up. Ensuring that technology issues never get in the way of them staying productive.

  • Helping you work smarter

    We’ll profile and assess service calls to identify where end-user education and training will help resolve recurring issues.