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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Reduce downtime and business disruption

cloud platform

We provide a smooth transition to a comprehensive cloud disaster recovery, enabling you to safeguard your company against failure during an outage.

Whether you currently have an on-premise, private hosted, hybrid or cloud infrastructure, we can help you migrate to and manage your disaster recovery backup solution.

Our Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) provides your business with the ability to:

  • Recover fast – operating systems, applications and critical business data can all be quickly restored, ensuring overall disruption is kept to a minimum.
  • Transition smoothly – we help organisations fast track their DR migration projects, so that they can safeguard their businesses quickly and efficiently – with no costly overruns or service disruptions for users.
  • Improve future resilience – we provide proactive monitoring underpinned by AI, which automates corrective actions and escalations that limit downtime and dramatically improve operations.
  • Optimise for performance, efficiency and cost – providing intelligence gathering to identify trends,  performance, budget and business growth, we will ensure your solution is always relevant and modelled against your future capacity needs.

Cloud Disaster Recovery From Bell Integrations

23 Seconds

Our disaster recovery service options include

  • Lift and Shift – We can re-home your data centre, providing all the planning, engineering, logistics and rental swing-kit required to smoothly relocate your existing environment its new location.
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery – Providing a dormant ‘like live’ cloud based infrastructure, we provide a flexible scalable platform where your services and data are replicated from your production physical, cloud or hybrid platforms.
  • DR Transformation – A fully managed DRAAS (Disaster Recovery As A Service) aligned to your business roadmap covering backup and restore, and disaster recovery with scheduled failover testing.

Our end-to-end approach provides a systematic, risk-free process enabling a smooth, planned transition to your new fully managed disaster recovery solution. This includes:

  • Assessment

    Of your organisation’s IT environment, current requirements and available resources.

  • Discovery

    Providing comprehensive application and systems discovery, we evaluate all your current security, data, internal and external dependencies.

  • Planning & Build

    We will provide a recovery plan, which includes a tiered approach to your data and applications with a focus on identifying what's mission-critical. We enable a build that will help you control costs and doesn't compromise on internal service level agreements.

  • Migration & Deployment

    Our holistic and highly orchestrated approach reduces complexity, and ensures a smooth migration and fast deployment.

  • Monitoring & Management

    Providing proactive monitoring and managed services underpinned by AI, we will ensure your DR solution is fully managed and always available.

Bell addresses the challenges of providing strong Recovery Point Objectives (RPO’s) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO’s) by transitioning the traditional DR model, and leveraging modern efficient technologies, backed with optional, fully-managed services to minimise the risk of downtime and to maximise service availability.