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IT Service Desk

Support that scales with your business requirements

it service desk

Boost productivity and accelerate operational agility with proactive services that deliver better business outcomes – at a predictable cost

As a world-class service desk provider, we help organisations drive innovation and react faster to dynamic business trends.

Today’s digital workplace is always on. To stay productive, your users need 24/7 personalised support the moment it’s required, wherever they may be. But that’s not all. Your IT service desk needs to do far more than simply respond to issues, or empower users to derive maximum value from their technology.

Our holistic approach to technology and processes gives you:

  • A single point of contact – Providing a unified experience for all IT-related issues.
  • Ease of use – Access and support at any time, from anywhere, and on any device.
  • Rapid 24/7 incident resolution – around the globe.
  • User-centric – with bespoke and personalised support services.
  • Faster time to resolution – leading to reduced downtime, and higher employee productivity.
  • Proactive monitoring – of your IT assets and cloud infrastructure.

Whether you’re an SMB or a global enterprise, we’ll help you harness new technologies, drive innovation, and react faster to dynamic new business trends.

Why work with Bell?

Our next-generation service desk enables you to go way beyond just ensuring your users avoid downtime. We’ll help you enable efficient, highly-available and cost-effective business operations, while empowering your workforce to be more productive, engaged and connected.

Now you can balance cost and service, secure in the knowledge that as your IT environment evolves, our knowledge and expertise makes it possible to keep up with fast-changing demands.

Bell Integration gives you:

  • An ‘always on’ 24/7 service desk

    With automated reporting, fast escalation and out of hours support to keep people productive, any time of the day.

  • Proactive monitoring services

    Your key systems, detecting problems early to prevent major disruptions.

  • Help desk support for everything

    From a simple password reset to resolving complex service incidents.

  • A single point of interaction for incidents, changes, problems, and release management –

    Our ITIL process-driven ‘customer first’ approach ensures the smooth and efficient management of your IT organisation. Plus, our intelligent AI-powered ITSM automation manages changes and updates fast – and with zero errors.

  • AI automation that boosts organisational agility

    Whether that’s accelerating the provision and adoption of new technologies, or initiating ‘zero touch’ support for everything from the onboarding of new hires, to ensuring users can instantly access the systems they need to be productive the moment their job role changes.

  • IT and business processes

    That are modelled and aligned with your evolving organisational goals. Giving you the agility to reshape the work experience and accelerate digital transformation.

  • A centralised information repository

    That keeps track of all your IT assets, system dependencies and internal processes, and captures all changes. Provides you with a knowledge base that minimises service interruptions, accelerates incident resolution and keeps you compliant.

Bell has years of experience in IT operations and an exemplary track record in delivering help desk support to businesses of any size.