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Low Code\No Code AI Platforms – Is Low Code\No Code AI and LCNC AI Platforms Myth or Reality

Low Code – No Code AI Platforms

Understanding what a claim of low code\no code AI means to an AI platform is critical when adopting AI so you can be prepared with the necessary resources to utilize LCNC AI

Low code\no code AI platforms aim to democratise the development and deployment of solutions by significantly reducing the need for in-depth programming knowledge. In the world of AI, the overarching goal is to bridge the gap between the complex, specialised world of AI development and the operational needs of businesses and individuals, making AI more accessible and usable across various sectors and use cases.

However, the best way to extract value from low code/no code AI platforms is to utilise an AI consultant in London that has experience in implementing low code/no code AI solutions. Here is why.

Low Code\No Code Objectives:

  • To make AI development accessible to non-technical users.
  • To speed up the AI development process with user-friendly interfaces.
  • To reduce the need for specialised AI development staff, reducing costs.
  • To allow a business audience to innovate with AI technologies.
  • To Offer a balance between ease of use and the ability to customise.

The reality is the hype surrounding low code\no code AI platforms can be slightly misleading. There are some challenges with all low code\no code AI platforms and an experienced AI consultant can help you overcome them. Low code\no code AI platforms implemented by proficient AI consultants affords you the greatest return. Let’s look at some of the challenges LCNC platforms present.

  • Low-code\no code platforms may restrict application customisation due to their reliance on pre-built components. Good LCNC platforms are extensible through code, but technical knowledge is needed to complete implementation.
  • Integration of low-code\no code AI applications with existing systems or external services can be challenging. Architecting data integrations in an Enterprise requires technical knowledge, which, if not done correctly, could expose the organisation to data governance risks.
  • Simplification provided by low-code\no-code platforms may lead to security vulnerabilities. Levels of abstraction could lead to authentication and vulnerability management.
  • LCNC platforms are efficient for quick prototyping, but scaling applications can present performance and scalability challenges. To be performant, applications must be designed to cope with user load.
  • Despite the accessibility of low code/no code ai platforms, a level of foundational technical understanding is still necessary to exploit them successfully.

There is good news with regards to low code\no code AI platforms, they make the delivery of AI services via AI consultants more efficient and cost effective for customers

Low code\no code AI platforms are revolutionising how professional services organisations deliver value to their clients. By leveraging these LCNC platforms, AI consultants in London can offer faster, more adaptable, and innovative services, significantly enhancing client business outcomes and providing a competitive advantage. Let’s take a look at some of these advantages.

  • Low code\no code AI platforms implemented by AI consultants enable rapid solution development and deployment, enhancing an AI consultancies ability to meet client needs swiftly and cost effectively.
  • The extensibility of a low code/no code AI platform allows for customisation to fit specific client requirements.
  • By freeing up resources and enabling faster development cycles, an AI consultant in conjunction with LCNC platforms, allows their AI consultancies on behalf of their clients, to explore innovative services and solutions, driving innovation and competitive advantage.
  • Low code/no code AI platforms reduce development and operational costs, benefiting both the AI consultancy company and their clients.
  • It can allow teams to be staffed with a mix of very technical and less technical resources.
  • It enhances collaboration within teams and between AI consultants and their clients, making development progress accessible to business stakeholders, leading to better project outcomes.
  • Improves knowledge transfer allowing the client to takeover managing the solution if they want.
  • Offers flexible and adaptable solutions that can evolve with clients’ changing needs and market dynamics.
  • Enhances compliance and risk management with built-in features and easy adaptation to regulatory changes.
  • And More

The reality is low code\no code AI platforms do exist but one must be careful not to accept the term low code/no code as matter of fact as it applies to the whole AI solution implementation. An AI platform may indeed be low code/no code but implementing it in practice requires skillsets in development that go well beyond the drag and drop features and prebuilt automations included therein.

AI consultancy companies utilizing low code\no code AI platforms to deliver AI programs offers their clients the best possible experience and outcomes with faster automation turnaround, and a lower cost of development and implementation.

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