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Managed AI Services – Managed AI Services Such as AIOps, AI Help Desk, AI Service Desk and More Can Reduce Complexity, Cost and Delivery Timetables

Managed AI Services

Companies are turning to Managed AI Services more often as AI projects slow due to talent gaps and technical deficits, ensure success and engage managed AI services to accelerate and capitalize on AI before it’s too late

Why should you engage managed ai services? Because implementing AI organizationally is a complicated and challenging process without the proper resources at hand. Many organizations get started without proper planning, and the necessary human resources and talent in house to not only start the job but finish it.

The concept of managed service providers is not new, in fact the use of an MSP to augment in house skillsets for IT is quite commonplace and has been a winning strategy for IT departments for decades. What is new is the ability to engage Managed AI Service Providers, AI MSPs, that specialize in all, or part, of the AI process. Much like using a traditional MSP for IT tasks, you can use a managed AI service provider to safely escalate and deploy successful AI programmes without the learning curve and missteps. Professional managed AI services will provide the necessary AI consultants, architects and engineers needed to ideate, develop, deploy, govern, and retrain your AI model(s), so you can quickly extract maximum value from AI across the organization.

Large Corporations and Organizations are Utilizing Managed AI Services

The age of AI is upon us. Cloud computing moved quickly, but AI in the enterprise is moving exponentially more so, creating a massive talent gap that is only going to widen, and worsen as more and more organizations adopt a Digital First, or Native AI approach to business operations. Organizations have been trying but failing in their attempts to acquire the necessary talent to deliver operational AI at scale and are finding that because of the diverse skillsets needed to accommodate the entire AI process, it’s extremely expensive, if available at all. Managed AI Services can provide the talent you need, when you need it, so you can deliver successful AI programmes with strong ROI’s. Consume AI in a way that makes sense to your organization and ensures the longevity of your AI programme by mitigating risk and delivering on the goals set forth by organizational stakeholders. With managed AI services you do just that.

Managed AI Services can Assist in All or Part of the AI Development and Deployment Process

For many organizations, small and large alike, their preferred engagement with managed AI services with an AI MSP has the managed ai service provider handling the entire AI lifecycle from ideation to development, to PoC, deployment, model retraining, governance, and compliance. However, some engagements utilize managed AI services to handle one or just a few of these phases of the AI programme lifecycle.

Managed AI Services – The Benefits of Engaging Managed AI Services and an AI MSP With Experience

Managed AI Services Offers Accelerated Deployment – Managed AI Services offers organisations rapid development and deployment cycles through efficient processes developed by the Managed AI Service Provider garnered over many projects, and across a diverse set of industries. This experience in combination with a variety of toolsets, as well as the utilization of pre-templated approaches obtained from experience and prior art, accelerates all phases of AI development, and mitigates risk associated with in house AI programmes. Managed AI Services also removes setbacks and failures often associated with the learning curve when it comes AI development and deployment. If you are looking to scale AI faster to catch or remain ahead of the competition, adopting a Digital First, or Native AI methodology using Managed AI Services is a great way to move forward.

Managed AI Services Fills the AI Talent GapManaged AI Services help bridge the talent gap so you can move your AI initiative forward. In fact, as AI adoption in the enterprise grows, the talent gap increases with the demand for AI specialists outstripping the supply. One of Managed AI Services greatest benefits is its ability to satisfy your demand for talent in a way that aligns your needs to a cost structure that provides exactly what you need, when you need it. Because there is no over-provisioning of any one specialty, you can right-size investment in the areas you lack expertise in house.

Managed AI Services Provides Increased Quality, Consistency and Accuracy for Your AI Models Managed AI Services can help increase the quality, consistency, and accuracy of your AI models as well as it’s underpinning data. AI MSP’s have the experience necessary to recognize and address data and AI Model bias and drift to include solid verification and retraining processes ensuring your AI model stays true.

Managed AI Services Reduces Organizational Risk and Mitigates Brand DegradationDeveloping and implementing an AI programme comes with risk, especially if you are trying to do it with in house resources and you haven’t done it before. When AI projects fail, whether it’s a PoC, or a live deployment off the back of a successful PoC, you risk losing the support of major stakeholders putting your entire AI programme at risk. Further, when AI implementation fails in production and its customer facing, there is great risk to Brand Capital. Managed AI Services, if properly vetted, can insulate you from failures requiring damage control. When you engage with a seasoned AI MSP like Bell Integration for Managed AI Services, you can rest assured knowing that the aggregate experience of our 300 plus and growing AI staffed consultancy, is squarely behind you and your AI programme. Utilizing experience, well vetted toolsets, and a 6th sense acquired over the years of providing not only AI and ML solutions to clients, but managed services of all types to a large variety of industries puts success in your corner.

Deciding on Managed AI Services and the Right AI MSP for Your Organization

When you decide to engage Managed AI Services you have taken a step in the right direction, but you’re only part of the way there. You need to choose a managed ai service provider or AI MSP that is a good fit for your organization. Doing so requires the assessment of a few factors.

When it Comes to Managed AI Services, AI MSP’s Need Organizational AI Experience – Managed AI Services and providers thereof, must have deep enough AI experience in the areas of AI you possess talent gaps in. This almost seems to be a forgone conclusion that anyone offering Managed AI services would most certainly have deep experience in organizational AI, however due to the infancy of the industry, many AI MSP’s have limited tenure in providing Managed AI Services. Look for AI MSP’s that have AI expertise that originates from tenure in the marketplace for AI solutions, preferably talent that cut their teeth in some of the world’s most respected and advanced AI platform development and implementation companies.

When it Comes to Managed AI Services, AI MSP’s Need Official Relationships With Leading AI Platform Developers – Often overlooked is an AI MSP’s relationship with leading technology providers in both the fields of Conversational and Generative AI. You want your Managed AI Services provider or AI MSP to be embedded deep enough into the target AI platform(s) that they have the necessary access to high level support pipelines to handle any request or support need including customisations so that your AI program won’t stall due to platform challenges and limitations. Using a Lone Wolf AI consultant or consultancy without official, deep, partnerships with target platform developers can lead to failed or stalled AI programs.

When it Comes to Managed AI Services, AI MSP’s Ideally Need Some Level of AI Agnosticty – As we come out of the age of AI infancy in terms of Operational AI, Conversational AI and Generative AI, it is becoming important to find managed AI services that have some level of agnosticity. In the early days of AI in the enterprise there were only a couple of serious players in the AI platform marketplace. Today there are more options available, each one potentially has a strong showing for specific types of organizational challenges. You need to ensure that the target solution(s) has strengths in the required discipline, and that you are simply not choosing an AI platform based on your providers legacy experience, this is a real challenge in the world of AI implementation. Choose a Managed AI Services provider or AI MSP that displays a robust commitment to AI agnosticity.

When it Comes to Managed AI Services, AI MSP’s Need Managed Service Experience – Providing managed services, especially managed ai services requires strong organizational experience in the delivery of managed services, most typically in the form of legacy managed IT services. It’s not good enough to simply have AI experience, although perhaps good enough to help you develop components of your AI programme, it’s imperative that your chosen AI MSP has deep experience in the process of providing managed services, you need a managed service company with strong skillsets and experience in AI.

Bell’s Managed AI Services is Trusted by the World’s Leading, and Most Advanced Conversational AI Company, Amelia

Bell Integration provides Managed AI Services to organisations and companies across a large diverse group of industries, as well as providing a myriad of Managed AI Services from AIOps, to AI help and service desk, to other organizational AI solutions such as CSR, HR, and AI contact, and call centres. With the announcement of a strategic relationship with Amelia, and the acquisition and integration of Amelia’s Digital First Managed AI Services team into Bell’s Managed AI Services team, The Bell AI Managed Services and Solutions team now possess a far greater capability to deliver Digital First, Conversational AI and AIOPS solutions to its customers, and Amelia’s Digital First offering will be supported and enhanced by Bell’s world-class, unrivaled, Managed AI Services delivery division.

For Amelia, this new Managed AI Services strategic relationship is a game changer, which will accelerate Amelia’s innovation of its world class Conversational Al Solution.  “Bell Integration has long been a strong and successful partner of ours. As such, we are thrilled to launch into this next chapter of our alliance,” said Amelia President and Chairman Lanham Napier. “Leveraging Bell as our premier Digital-First provider will further strengthen our position as a leader in enterprise AI and deliver incredible products and outcomes for our customers.” 

Managed AI Services can Remove the Pitfalls to Adopting AI in the Enterprise

AI and ML can be challenging to develop and implement at scale across the Enterprise. When you combine the complexity of ideating, developing, implementing, testing, verifying, governing, and retraining AI models, you need a full staff of professional AI consultants each specializing in particular skillsets surrounding each phase of AI development and implementation. We all know just how hard it is to hire AI staff of any sort based on the growing demands in the industry, and it shows no signs of letting up. Trying to succeed with AI using a methodology riddled with talent gaps will only lead to stalled, if not failed, AI programmes, and that simply isn’t an option. Managed AI Services provides the facilities needed for successful end to end AI programme development and deployment. With Managed AI Services from a professional AI MSP, you can contract for exactly what you need, when you need it, nothing more, nothing less.

Managed AI Services Provides the Environment you Need to Safely Scale Both Generative and Conversational AI so you can Understand User Intent and Emotion, and Control the Narrative Surrounding Your Brand

Implementing AI at scale across the enterprise, be it for AIOps, AI Help Desk, AI Service Desk, or other operational AI opportunities such as those for HR, customer service, sales, and others, requires not only a core competency in Generative AI, but a strong understanding of Conversational AI. You require solutions that don’t just provide content to clients, employees, and other constituents, but rather drives intelligent and empathetic engagement that makes them brand ambassadors.

“You need more than just talk” according to Amelia AI

You need to control the narrative of these engagements. It’s no longer good enough to get an answer, users want to be understood, they want to know the companies they patron, and work for, are in tune. That requires Conversational AI solutions that can discern intent and emotion, and work in collaboration with Generative AI tools to deliver empathetic answers and information in real time to customer and employee inquiries, and in turn increase brand equity, and shareholder value.

Managed AI Services can Escalate Deployment and Reduce Risk

Managed AI Services can, in many cases, reduce time to AI productionalization to weeks from months. An AI MSP can help drive operational efficiencies, reduce costs and mitigate risks, as well as speed innovation so you can move swiftly through your Digital First transformation.

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