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Monetising Big Data

Bell Integration partners with Paladian Data Inc. to solve big data challenges and accelerate success

(London, UK and Folsom, CA, USA) May 22, 2019
Bell Integration is delighted to partner with Paladian Data Inc. to market and sell the ADS1000, the world’s only native NVMe over Ethernet storage solution.

Paladian Data’s ADS 1000 CaptiveSAN is the world’s fastest, first, and only, near-zero latency, end to end NVMe SAN, purpose built for storage aware applications like Splunk and Security Onion, Big Data frameworks such as Hadoop, Cassandra, Openstack, Spark, Hortonworks and Cloudera as well as HPC deployments.

Challenged with data sets growing exponentially due to AI being able to cull much of the raw data prior to any human interaction, a new way to store, share and scale compute connectivity was needed. Paladian Data can address the growing demand for real-time analytics on massive data sets, providing bandwidth and performance not possible with traditional storage architectures.

Mark Nicholas, Bell Integration’s Sales Director said “Paladian Data CaptiveSAN allows for unrivalled performance, consolidation, and TCO when it comes to Big and Fast Data. Organisations can now ingest more, keep it all available for query for meaningful periods, and do it all in real time”.

Our solution will be to provide headless storage area network solutions, which utilise end-to-end NVMe drive architecture, while relying on the applications and operating systems to manage storage functionality. This will remove contemporary IO bottlenecks allowing for near-zero latency in the application storage data path.

Chuck Smith, President & CEO, Paladian Data Inc. said “Our partnership with Bell Integration is extremely exciting, headquartered in London, this partnership allows Paladian Data access to UK and European market, service expertise and the ability to help our collective customers solve their most pressing big data problems. ”

Bell Integration’s heritage is in helping businesses to operate their critical technology in a more cost-effective manner, while improving effectiveness in areas such as customer engagement and operational responsiveness. Our partnership with Paladian Data means that we can help address the performance challenge organisations face with storage and compute, due to latency within both the storage and networking layers. The good news for our clients and customers will be substantial improvements in performance, consolidation and TCO: the first time you can have all three without compromise.

For further information about Paladian Data CaptiveSAN and to discuss how Bell Integration can provide a customised engagement tailored to your requirements, please contact and visit: