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Taking the fog out of the cloud by up to 80% and delivering 100% Service Availability

The real cloud. No servers. Just code

[London]  Spotinst, the world’s leading Compute Management Platform, utilises compute from anywhere in the world, from the largest cloud providers to regional bare metal offerings. It leverages Spot Instances for production and mission-critical applications, saving 80% on Cloud Compute Costs, while delivering 100% High-Availability.

Bell Integration has partnered with Spotinst to enable companies to leverage Spot Instances (AWS) and Low-priority VMs (Azure) and Pre-emptible VMs (Google) with absolutely no risk of downtime, through usage of predictive algorithms. It supports all major cloud providers – Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or even a VMware on a private cloud – and takes only 15 minutes to set up from a performance dashboard. You can see the financial gains instantly.

 “Many of our customers find the initial claims of 80% off your cloud compute costs as far-fetched, and we are only too pleased to prove them wrong. Spotinst has over 1,500 customers worldwide and is used by global corporations, to small startups.”  Dave Leyland – Solutions Director, Bell Integration

So how does it work?  Spot Instances in the cloud that are about to be “interrupted” will be identified and predicted using predictive analytics and historical data so that capacity is balanced up to 15 minutes ahead of time, ensuring 100% availability.  Savings are realised when Spotinst automatically transitions applications to the least expensive “available” instances.  It doesn’t matter what cloud platform you’re using, the platform provides the optimal framework for compute provisioning and cost-effective utilisation.

From massive Fortune 500 corporations to small startups, companies across the globe use Spotinst to cut their cloud costs.  You’ll be in good company.

Contact us for a free analysis of your cloud environment at  |  the benefits to you are savings of up to 80% with no down-time and no architectural changes required, taking only 15 minutes to set up and with zero start-up costs.

For further information or to know if your workloads are Spotinst-ready, please visit:

Spotinst Cloud Solutions