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Bell Integration Return to Work Covid-19 Services

covid-19 solutions

covid-19 solutions

Enabling Businesses to Return to Work Safely

(England, UK) 1 September, 2020

As part of a government campaign in the UK starting this week, employers will be asked to reassure their staff that it’s safe to return to places of work by highlighting measures taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 with a coronavirus-avoidance friendly environment.  And while people continue to be advised to work from home where possible, it is recognised that there will be situations where there is a pressing organisational need for employers to ask staff to return to an office, as well where employees feel working from home is impairing their well-being.

Being mindful of what is happening around us, we have partnered with O2 to provide a suite of IoT safeguarding solutions for businesses.  John Davenport said IoT devices have an important role to play in helping UK businesses adjust to the changes to normal working life the coronavirus has ushered in.

“IoT can play a major role in maintaining social distancing and helping to prevent the spread of the virus,” he said. “We believe O2’s extensive connectivity, combined with Bell Integration’s experience in deploying cutting-edge IoT solutions, will enable organisations to return to the workplace safely.”

Bell Integration has a fully managed Return to Work suite of services, built to ensure a safe working environment for workers:

Smart Building Fever Screening – This is our thermal camera solution providing the ability to check individuals entering a business premises to determine whether they are Covid-19 symptomatic and to create subsequent actions to keep an organisation and its people safe. Our end to end solution provides hardware, installation, training and support with optional workflow solutions and analytic packages and reporting where required.

Contactless Reception with Temperature Screening – Our contactless reception solution enables fast, secure and safe access control into the workplace.  Infrared tablets provide temperature screening of visitors, staff and customers helping to limit the risk of contamination.  The GDPR compliant service allows for your visitors to receive unique QR codes for smooth check-ins and access to designated areas of your premises without the need of human intervention.

contactless reception

Bell Integration can enable you to swiftly implement a thermal scanning solution across all of your facilities, providing a non-invasive read of body temperature of everyone attending site, that quickly highlights a temperature higher than the safe threshold.

Safer Space – Social Distancing  Ensure social distancing in the industrial workplace, with IoT and wearable tech playing an important role.  The Safer Space solution employs the eleksen wearable smart hub, built to cover the entire business from making an individual worker in the field safe, through to real-time monitoring of the workforce in the control room.  Smart garment technology is PPE with embedded electronics, that allows the garment to interface with the sensor devices worn by workers to provide an extra layer of safety support.  If co-workers get too close, the hubs alert both workers and the control room of the breach, with Sound, Light & Vibration.

A very helpful and key solution for any building with employee density, is the ability to monitor people count and occupancy status of communal areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and meeting areas.  Sensors can monitor and display access status accordingly and once the count monitors occupancy at an acceptable level to be in accordance with social distancing rules, then the access status of a particular area changes automatically.

wearable tech

Social Distancing Queuing solutions – Replace physical queues with virtual queues.  Ensure the correct social distancing measures and replace physical queues and busy waiting rooms with faster virtual queues. Bell has partnered with Qudini to ensure social distancing by enabling customers to join a virtual queue when wanting to enter a store, or a waiting room and stay updated while they wait their turn.

Footfall Measurement & Management – The Government has provided additional guidelines to retailers to limit the number of shoppers in stores at any one time to help combat the spread of Covid-19. Our footfall measurement solution accurately counts the number of people entering or leaving a retail space. The solution alerts staff and prompts customers to queue outside if capacity is reached.

footfall measurement

Hand Wash Sensors & Cleaning Log Solutions Our solution monitors usage allowing for a reactive cleaning schedule. This reduces cost, improves washroom management and creates a safe clean environment with reporting control.

Digital Signage – We can provide temporary and permanent installations of displays which can collaborate with many of the solutions above. Our screens can help provide messaging to welcome people back to the workplace, with social distancing messaging.

Collaborative Meeting Rooms  – One way of retaining the personal touch of face-to-face contact is by having a collaborative meeting space, giving remote working staff a solution that best suits business needs.  Collaboration technology such as Zoom Rooms or Microsoft Teams allows attendees to join a meeting, regardless of their location and linking meeting rooms together builds an agile and flexible workforce.

A ROI for Business in Under 12 Months

It is safe to say that Paul Norman is the company’s ‘Internet of Things’ evangelist, establishing IoT solutions as an efficient means of helping UK businesses adjust to the changes brought about by COVID-19.  Paul says that the Company’s ‘return to work’ solutions see a ROI for a business in under 12 months.  He explains the system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines to us thus:

“We see IOT as a building block that has the ability to solve the day to day business problem, as well as delivering the first steps to digital transformation. By focusing on the data analytics, workflow and AL platforms, and building out sensor solutions, ensures that one platform can deliver multiple different features and functions that covers temperature and Co2 management and monitoring, humidity, noise, water/liquid leakage, security and lone worker management, smart building etc. Every day a new issue is fixed and added to the IOT Marketplace”.

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