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A New World Of Colocation

A colocation datacentre can provide IT facilities equipment, rack space, connectivity and environmental support facilities, including power, cooling, physical security and physical storage.

The Challenge

Why consider colocation? The cost of on-premise datacentre environments can increase rapidly based on energy, cooling, power management (UPS), fire protection, continued refurbishment, physical security, staffing, insurance and in some cases water management.

Inaccurate assessments and customer guestimates of their power requirements can result in over-procurement to the maximum capacity, including a risk percentage to ensure service availability.

The Solution

A colocation datacentre service can realise many benefits, with the capability to use less power and adopting consumption only billing, this will encourage consumers to assess usage and become power efficient. This helps remove the risks of performing rapid migrations and associated high costs when transforming infrastructures.

This Colocation Datacentre guide provides insights by Bell Integration’s Chief Architect, Peter White, to the challenges a datacentre environment experiences. We hope they will help you to understand the potential consequences for the customer of making inaccurate assessments of power requirements and the importance of future, accurate planning, which should lead to a reduction in power waste, IT service cost and IT’s impact on a business’s carbon footprint.