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Dell storage shift: Bell Integration gives our snap verdict

Last week, Dell announced its move to a partner-led model for 99% of its storage customers, amid reports of ongoing cuts to its direct sales force.

Bell Integration’s Sales Director John Davenport spoke to Doug Woodburn.

DW: How did the move go down at Bell?

JD: I view this as a positive step for the partner community. At a time where customers are really squeezing suppliers on cost, this approach reinforces the channel partnership.

DW: Are you seeing other vendors move more work to the channel as they downsize direct staff?

JD: Not all vendors are doing this. In fact I am seeing others do the opposite and take business direct. It’s all cost sensitive so vendors look to take control to maximise their own margins.

DW:How likely is it that Dell will extend this partner-led strategy beyond storage and across its infrastructure portfolio?

JD: That’s a question for Dell. BUT if this proves to drive up their revenues and market share then I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s replicated across other product lines.

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