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Today, as organisations prioritize customer engagement and experience, the responsibilities of traditional IT operations and administration teams are moving closer to those of agile application developers and quality and security engineers (DevOps). IT environments that were once clearly marked as on-premises or cloud are morphing into complex, hybrid environments made up of public cloud, private cloud and on-premises infrastructures. A multicloud world is quickly becoming the normal.

The problem with the multicloud world is that when IT pro’s adopt solutions from different cloud vendors, challenges emerge. Each new cloud service comes with its own tools that can increase complexity. Monitoring everything in an ever-changing IT landscape to fit both DevOps roles and compliance needs is really tough. It feels like blind spots are an inevitable consequence, yet it’s essential for organisations to have complete visibility.

Multicloud environments require new management solutions to optimize performance, control costs and secure complicated mixes of applications and environments, regardless of whether they are inside the data center or in the cloud. Seeing across cloud environments and making decisions about multicloud management can be complex.

Eliminate blind spots

Mulitcloud Management software can help eliminate the blind spots. The IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management, provides consistent visibility, governance, and automation from on premises to the edge. Enterprises gain capabilities such as multicluster management, event management, application management and infrastructure management. Enterprises can use this IBM Cloud Pak to help increase operational efficiency that is driven by intelligent data, analysis, and predictive golden signals, and gain built-in support for their compliance management.

For IT leaders, Mulitcloud Management software means you get sight of IT convergence. IT operations and developers both have a lot to gain from breaking down silos and working in lockstep. Secondly, you can see agile working so that your organsiation  can act faster than its competitors. Finally, you can easily get sight of an alternative environment in case of IT outages.

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