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How reliant is your business on IT support?

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Your business depends on IT systems being always up and available, but the degree of reliance probably depends on how much your IT is related to customer interaction.

In other words, how would a critical event impact on those customers who rely on continuous access to transact and do business with you?

And what would be implications of this for the bottom line?

It’s the reason why many organisations invest time and effort in understanding the cost of resolving incidents to the business.

Recent research by Quocirca, a European research and analysis company, found that the overall cost of an event for companies participating in its Masters of Machines III 2017 survey was €88K. And that didn’t include the cost to the IT function itself of dealing with such events.

Calculating the costs of resolving major incidents is an art form in itself. There are numerous variables to consider, including:

  • How many incidents are logged and resolved in a month
  • Time spent achieving a resolution
  • Time/productivity impact on users/employees
  • Lost production time
  • Damage to your reputation
  • Revenue impact

software support

But what about assessing the financial cost of resolving routine incidents? Individually, these may be minor. But aggregate them together – and it all adds up to lost productivity and damage to the bottom line.

Even the most minor incidents can impact strategic work streams and interfaces with key business systems.

Add up the cost of the lost hours – and the de-motivating effects on users faced with having to find work rounds to niggling recurring techie problems – and the results may well surprise you.

People tell us that the accessibility and availability of their IT service provider has a direct impact on the success of their company. And that includes how well they respond to both routine and emergency support.

That’s something that’s music to our ears. Because at Bell Integration, we know that IT leaders need to be able to depend on a provider that can proactively help improve service availability within their organisation.

It’s why we offer a choice of support levels, extensive knowledge of the latest technology trends, plus specialist consultancy and proactively managed service options for organisations looking to free up their IT resources in order to focus on more strategic projects.

Why not get in touch to find out how we can help you stop incidents becoming a drain on productivity and performance at your company.