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Running multiple clouds and on premise solutions has the potential to make the  best brains ache! An increasing number of businesses are finding themselves facing a multicloud environment. Many are using multiple cloud computing and storage services in a single network architecture. They are at risk of being swamped by the complexity of operating in a multicloud environment without a joined-up strategy.

In its simplest form, a multicloud is where a business will opt to use more than one public cloud to deliver its services. For example, using Azure for the Office 365 service and IBM Cloud for analytics services. A gartner report notes that 81% of organisations using public cloud are working with two or more cloud providers to service their business.

The problem is, things can get complicated quickly when managing a multicloud environment. For example, you may find it difficult if you try to manage it in the same way as you do your traditional IT.  (And if you do, you could  end up with inefficient designs, resulting in issues –  such as bill shock). On the other hand, pursuing a cloud-only approach may cause you problems, for example some of your apps and traditional IT will work in the cloud but no on premise.

Having a multicloud environment will help, but not without added complexity. Running multi-cloud environments comes with some significant challenges.  As an example, to deliver true multicloud benefits, you’ll doubtless need new processes and people with the skills and experience across, data centres and security. And talent is not just hard to find, it’s also difficult to retain. All of this of course comes before you start trying to scale out your proof of concepts.

Multicloud management

The only effective way to manage these challenges is with multicloud management software. Multicloud management software is the foundation a business needs to bridge the gap between people and processes, independent of where and how applications are deployed. Put simply mulitcloud management software can be defined as a tool to manage cloud computing resources in a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment consistently.

The right cloud management solution lets you unify the tools you already have and manage your clouds, instead of forcing you to rip and replace existing technologies. You can leverage the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud management to help surmount the challenges of today’s multicloud environments. Organisations gain capabilities such as Application Lifecycle Management, Infrastructure Lifecycle Management, Performance Monitoring and Governance Risk and Compliance Management. Together that means, you reduce the complexity so instead of being bogged down with brain ache you can thrive.

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