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The time is right for multicloud management

There’s never been a better time to look at how Multicloud Management software can help your organisation. The cloud has been a big winner from the pandemic, enabling organisations to stay engaged with both employees and customers. This move is likely to continue post-pandemic too. Commentators such as HBR, predict the trend of working-from-home to accelerate and become a new work-from-anywhere culture.[1] The pandemic has given IT services the stress test of a lifetime.

To help, businesses are increasingly turning to multicloud management platforms. A well-designed cloud management strategy can help IT pros maintain control over dynamic and scalable computing environments. Cloud management can also help organisations achieve goals such as:

  • Flexible self-service; achieved when IT pros can access cloud resources, create new ones, monitor usage and cost and adjust resource allocations
  • Workflow automation; operation teams can manage cloud instances without the need for human intervention
  • Cloud analysis; tracking cloud workloads and user experiences

The time is right

Cloud management platforms such as IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management provide a common view across all cloud resources. The software can help monitor both on premise and cloud services. The management interface can help guide anyone in the IT team that touch an application during its lifecycle.

While the disruption caused by COVID-19 caught many companies off guard, the coronavirus, has brought a new future into sharp focus for today’s IT teams. Organisations that have proactively managed our recent crisis are emerging stronger than those naively waiting for a return to how things once were. A distributed workforce who will now ebb and flow between home and office putting an increased demand for digital services and infrastructure capable of supporting them. At the same time, many of the same challenges facing businesses remain, but our new reality will see the size, form and pace of change  accelerate. That’s why there’s never been a better time to look at how Multicloud Management software can help your organisation.

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