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vClarus from Bell Integration

Maximise the value of your data to drive Workload Migration

cloud migration

Whether you are transforming workloads to the cloud or migrating as part of a datacentre exit, the data you are using to make decisions will be the difference between success and failure.

How can you be confident your data is good enough to underpin decision making? Traditionally, the approach is to embark on a discovery exercise, which can be both lengthy and costly, both factors that delay realisation of value and tangible progress to your programme.

There will always be a need to perform data discovery, there will always be things you know you don’t know.  Getting to a position where you know what needs to be discovered will save time and cost, avoiding discovering information you already have, data such as:

  • Entity counts, e.g., applications, IT services, server workloads, container workloads, serverless and micro services’ workloads, storage workloads, network and security workloads, databases, file-shares.
  • Application composition and usage, e.g., functional components, technology components, workload mapping, inter-dependencies.
  • Entity attributes, e.g., OS types/versions, software types/versions, IP addressing, workload capacity and utilisation metrics, manufacturers/models.
  • Business context, e.g., business criticality, business consumption, security & compliance requirements, change windows/freezes.

Much of the information required to make decisions with confidence, already exists in the enterprise. However, it is rarely in one place:

  • Configuration/Asset Management Databases
  • Platform management and monitoring tools
  • Network traffic analyzers
  • DCIM tools
  • Etc.

These multiple, disparate datasets have limited value in the context of both holistic and more detailed planning decisions in transforming or migrating business applications, services, and workloads. Aggregate these datasets into a single data repository and the value of existing data is significantly enhanced, providing opportunities to accelerate early transformation/migration targets.

Enhance time to value for data driven workload programmes

Bell’s vClarus Workload Migration methodology and tool enablement is specifically architected to enhance time to value for our customers. Our Accelerated Discovery process focuses on the acquisition of existing data sources, enrichment of the data through attribute normalisation, conflict resolution and aggregation of the existing data islands into a single dataset that can be visualised through dashboards and reports.  This approach provides actionable insights and the basis to accelerate planning and execution against required outcomes. This lean approach to discovery, along with data transformation automation helps to reduce timescales and costs often associated with a traditional discovery exercise.

Within weeks rather than months, utilise data assets you already own to be able to make and action decisions that can accelerate your migration journey.

Authors: Spencer Huckstepp and Lee Alderman