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What does good IT support look like?

No one believes that critical IT events – or event routine incidents – can be completely eliminated. But the way you respond can minimise how these impact on miss critical operations.

It will come as no surprise that a good IT support partner can make a world of difference to how your organisation deals with incidents.

Great IT SupportBut like many things in life, what does good IT support really look like?

Providing stellar support often boils down to three key things. When assessing a support provider, you’ll be looking for:

  • Great response times
  • Problem-solving skills – which should include being proactive at spotting potential problem areas
  • Impressive first-time fix rates
  • 24/7/365 coverage

But good support often goes beyond these tangible, measurable benchmarks.

For example, we believe the personality of the IT support teams your people deal with also counts for a lot.

From how professional and courteous they are when dealing with users. To the strength of their communication skills when it comes to getting to the crux of the matter, to how effective they are at scoping what’s gone wrong – and why

After all, the highest degree of technical competence will be wasted if your users feel intimidated or uncomfortable when interacting with IT support personnel. Because, if that’s the case, they’ll put off calling for help until a minor issue becomes a big one.

So, from our perspective, here’s what we think good IT support should look like:

  • Good IT support is when you haven’t had to design workarounds for lingering IT problems. If your technology isn’t working as it should, then something isn’t right.
  • Good IT support is when one of your employees doesn’t have to spend hours each week playing the role of IT power user that everyone goes to before logging a support ticket. Because no one, unless they work in the IT department, should waste precious work time on IT issues.
  • Good IT support is when your people can work effectively, wherever they happen to be – because even if they’re mobile, they’re connected and productive.
  • Good IT support enables you to plan, prioritise and budget – you’ll know exactly how much it costs to keep the wheels moving.
  • Good IT support is always on hand to ensure that events, like upgrades, are proactively managed so that everything goes to plan – with no nasty surprises.

Our belief in these key principles is why we’ve crafted our IT support services to bring all these ‘good support’ qualities together.

And why we hand pick our people. So that you get to talk to technical gurus who are also thoroughly nice people – and whose priority it is to guide you to a resolution using language you’ll understand.

If you’d like to experience what great support should really look like, why not get in touch?