Oracle Ksplice - security patch your Linux distribution without rebooting

Oracle Ksplice updates critical components of your Oracle Linux infrastructure with all of the important security patches without need to reboot

The Challenge

Even planned downtime in your data centre can put your company at risk. Businesses are under considerable pressure to provide 99.9% availability of their applications, systems and services to their staff and customers.

Any outage leads to business disruption, which can lead to lost customers, transactions being cancelled or blocked and a loss of reputation or a tarnished brand. Often there are also regulatory penalties for companies who provide financial services.

Often a Data Center reboot is unavoidable as systems require updates and security patches to maintain performance and protect them from external attack. Minimising these periods of downtime are critical or any organisation.


The solution

Ksplice allows for live patching and significantly reduces the need to reboot, avoiding down times and improving availability. Available to Oracle Linux customers as part of the Oracle Linux Premier Support package, Ksplice is an open-source extension of the Linux kernel that allows security patches to be applied to a running kernel without the need for reboots, av.

Ksplice supports only the patches that do not make significant semantic changes to kernel’s data structure.


Ksplice DemonstrationViewing Time: 5.30

Bell Integration are Oracle Linux EMEA Partner of the Year

Bell Integration worked with Oracle to migrate and manage a global telecommunication company's Linux solution, reducing licensing costs whilst providing unparalleled support and reliability.


Linux licensing costs reduced by xx% - With further cost savings to be made.


1100 Virtual Machines migrated to Oracle Linux - With a further 1600 planned in the near future.


Risk free migration - Bell provided consulting, discovery, planning and execution of the license migration, ensuring the project was delivered on time and within budget.


Availability improved and reputation galvanised -As Ksplice now allows for security patches to be applied without the need to reboot.


Security improved - As Bell worked in tandem with Oracle to provide patch management as a service to the customer, ensuring the latest updates are always applied.


We are an Oracle Gold Partner and have over 20 years experience in providing technology solutions which help optimise performance, reduce costs, ensure reliability and availability of your services.

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Dave Leyland - Solutions Director

Typically Linux distributions require a reboot about once a month to stay up to date. The Ksplice product largely negates this need which is great news as downtime can potentially cost a company thousands of pounds per minute.

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