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IT Rental Services

Fast, flexible temporary technology that's secure and sustainable

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IT & AV rental for events, short-term projects and proof of concept

Part of Bell Integration, Hamilton Rentals is the largest provider of IT rental solutions across the United Kingdom. 

Many organisations are required to run short-term IT projects, where IT purchase is not a suitable option. Typically, organisations work to tight budgets and uncertain deployment times. Supporting and deploying temporary solutions can often over-stress your internal resources, potentially damaging your day-to-day business.

IT & AV Rental Overview

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Reasons to rent:

  • Proof of Concept for IT infrastructure – ensuring your new environment will suit your businesses needs.
  • Evaluation – to try before buying and help reduce purchase risk.
  • Sustainable Computing – to provide user rental devices while existing equipment is upgraded and refurbished.
  • Spreading the cost – to overcome budgetary constraints and defer purchase until funds are available.
  • Workload peaks – additional laptops for temporary staff, or extra servers to increase processing power and capacity.
  • Remote working – avoid overtaxing internal IT resources and avoid any laptop supply chain constraints. We can prebuild your laptops with your specified software and can ship directly to remote employees.
  • Events and exhibitions – AV equipment to create a real impact at your show, exhibition stand or venue.
  • Major events – where organisations simply do not have enough staff, expertise or equipment to meet a massive short-term demand.
  • Training courses and graduate programs – additional touch screens, laptops, iPads or PCs set up when and where they are needed.
  • Server migration, virtualisation or relocation – provide swing kit to replicate existing environments, avoiding downtime of mission critical systems.
  • Software testing and development – hire servers to avoid compromising existing systems.
  • Disaster recovery – to ensure business continuity, rent a temporary IT solution to recover from flood, fire or theft.

The Solution

Hamilton Rentals offers fast delivery, installation and hardware support of the latest technology. Their extensive rental fleet includes: