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Procurement Management

Reduce tail spend and simplify the IT procurement process

procurement management

Significantly reduce procurement costs, by consolidating your supplier base and managing tail spend

Providing strategic insights into tactical spend, Bell Procurement Management  provides services that  improve operational performance, generate cost savings and reduce supply chain risk.

A company can spend more than 60% of its revenue on buying goods and services, therefore even a modest reduction in purchasing costs can have a significant effect on profit.

Bell’s procurement management provides a single supplier model that can decrease total third party spend, and reduce operational costs, the number of suppliers and purchase orders to turn unmanaged tail spend into managed spend.

Bell Procurement Management


Tail spend, sometimes called indirect or low value spend, can be up to 20% of total spend that typically goes unmanaged within an organisation. Made up of high volumes of low value ad hoc transactions with hundreds of suppliers, these individual purchases are often made outside purchasing controls.


tail spend

Trying to negotiate and trade with a large volume of vendors across multiple geographies can be both complex and time-consuming. The majority of suppliers demand 30-day payment terms, which can be challenging and restrictive. Businesses are now looking for a low cost model that provides value and predictability.

The Solution

Bell Procurement Management acts as an extension to the client’s Procurement team executing the end to end sourcing process, supplier onboarding and management of contracts for in scope spend.

Tail and tactical spend is typically inefficient to manage. Our centre of excellence processes this spend with incredible efficiency through category expertise, tailored processes, and tail-specific technology. This means maximum value is extracted from the contracts, as well as operational and risk mitigation benefits. We have global footprint and service some of the largest organisations in the world.