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Big Data Analytics

Gain real insight to drive operational efficiency and improve service levels

data analytics

Bell Analytics informs and highlights insight that drives the best decision making. 

Typically, big data is high-volume, made up of a variety of information assets. The high speed with which it’s processed, the complexity, and its ever-expanding volume, often means that gaining meaningful insight can be a challenge.

Bell Analytics provides a cost-effective and agile approach to processing your structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sets:

  • Platform - We process and clean the data with the wider business goals in mind. Establishing a data platform to help our clients translate their raw findings into a usable state, designing and setting up the best data platform to suit their business requirements.
  • Results - We enable our customers to visualise their results, enabling them to understand how their business is performing, and has performed in the past. Building on the data they already hold to make better business decisions – more accurate projections, clearer investments and a wiser deployment of existing assets.
  • Insight - Our process enables us to extend our data design discipline to presentations, generating easily-managed suites of reports, underpinned by robust data structures and hierarchies. It might sound technical, but the results make instinctive sense to even the least-trained reader.

Applying best practice modelling techniques and a range of cutting-edge technologies to rapidly access the data and make it easy to navigate.

In the process, we help data controllers, and the in-house analysts that will work with the results to create a platform that is easy to understand, appropriately scaled for each organisation, and designed for growth to minimise ongoing costs.

Why Bell Integration

Providing award-winning business and technology solutions. We specialise in helping organisations gain insight from information – we use technology to help our customers share and collaborate information, at any time and on any device.

Blending our deep understanding of customer challenges with expert knowledge of technology enables us to deliver solutions that transform our clients’ ways of working.

Our extensive technology service offering and consultancy expertise combined with big data analytics, enables organisations realise their goals, through building, implementing, automating and running systems and services that transform operational performance and agility whilst driving down cost.