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All of your cloud services continually optimised

There are many different cloud hosting companies. Finding the best possible solution at the optimum price that doesn’t compromise on reliability can seem an impossible task.

Organisations that have moved to Public Cloud often find the savings envisaged do not materialise

Unused Capacity – Customers often have many different cloud accounts that being managed by different departments without considering the costs of each environment. Reserved instances run 24X7, despite the fact they are not utilised during the night hours. This behaviour creates a lot of unused capacity that’s running without being put to good use.

Cloud waste – additional costs can often be aligned to poor cloud management processes and how cloud is consumed with public cloud providers pushing customers towards reserved capacity models which lock customers into contracts where customers are paying for more than they need.


Market Pressures on Cloud Operations

Cloudops challenges
Reserved Instances –If your organisation is buying Reserved Instances in the cloud, you’re making a huge investment up front. Although reserved instances are significantly better value than on demand services (up to 60%), they are often the wrong size or time frame to meet the business needs in a constantly changing market place.

Ideally a companies reserved instance should be continuously managed and closely aligned to the organisations strategy.

Complexity – Typically there are hundreds of decisions which need to made every month in order to optimise your cloud environment with:

  • 100’s of usage groups to consider
  • 12 contract options per RI purchase
  • Utilisation targets
  • RI Expirations
  • Manual conversions
  • Avoiding customer RI overlap
  • Missed RI marketplace opportunities
  • AWS pricing changes
  • React to usage patterns

Cloud Optimisation

Bell Integration has partnered with Spot. We work with the leading cloud platforms, services, and tools so that you can simplify and automate your cloud infrastructure wherever your workloads and applications run and however you run them.
spot io solution
Our tools use predictive algorithms, enables you to leverage Spot Instances (AWS) and Low-priority VMs (Azure) and Pre-emptible VMs (Google) with absolutely no risk of downtime. The software provisions and manages a collection of cloud instances.Using predictive analytics and historical data to identify and predict Spot Instances that are about to be “interrupted”.

Prior to termination, Bell Integration can automatically and seamlessly transitions applications to the least expensive “available” instances with absolutely no downtime regardless of application type or demand.

Product Range

Cloud Analyser – Receive actionable cost and usage optimisation recommendations that you can implement and automate with the click of a button. Discover your cloud efficiency KPI and track the feedback loop of your optimisation actions over time.

Cloud Analyser for MSPs– is a cloud cost management portal that uses advanced analytics to provide visibility and insights into how clients are using cloud resources. It enables you to see and provide clients with accurate, informative and actionable insights into cloud costs and opportunities to reduce them. That helps you to improve profitability, simplify billing management, and increase customer satisfaction.

Spot Eco – Instant insight automation and optimisation solution for cloud commitment purchasing and deployment. Taking into account flexibility, market volume, historical and predicted usage, Eco identifies the ideal blend of reserved instances and Savings Plans to maximise savings while providing the most flexibility for future needs.

Spot Ocean – Ocean automates cloud infrastructure for containers. It continuously analyses how your containers are using infrastructure, automatically scaling compute resources to maximise utilisation and availability utilising the optimal blend of spot, reserved and on-demand compute instances.

Spot Elastigroup – simplifies and automates cloud infrastructure for scale-out applications, freeing operations teams from the burdens of infrastructure management. It continuously analyses your resource usage and provides auto-scaling that optimises compute resources to ensure availability and meets resource demands using the lowest-cost compute options.

Why use Spot?

  • Save up to 80% - Spot predicts pricing trends, and moves your application so it will always run on the most cost-efficient collection of instances.
  • 100% availability - Whenever there’s a risk of interruption Spot acts accordingly to balance capacity up to 15 minutes ahead of time, ensuring reliability.
  • Free analysis - Spot provides cost and health analytics across your existing cloud environment.
  • Scales up or down to meet demand- Spot automatically increases or decreases instances in your cluster to meet your application demand.
  • Fast to deploy - Taking just 15 minutes to set up with no architectural changes required, Spot designed to be user friendly and easy to use
  • Zero costs up front- Spot is charged at a percentage of the savings you make, no savings no charge!
  • Supports all major cloud providers - Cloud agnostic Spot can run on multiple cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • Proven results - Boasting over 1500 customers worldwide Spot is has successfully saved £millions in many FTSE100 companies.

Why work with Bell

We work with our customers ensuring they can easily optimise their existing solution or migrate to the cloud without risk. Our bespoke VClarus Decision Engine ensures the selection the most suitable hosting options for your applications and infrastructure based on technical and business criteria and will recommend the most appropriate public, private or hybrid cloud or platform solution. Bell’s expertise over many years, ensures that risk is minimised and compliance is not compromised during transformation. Bell offer our clients a fixed cost, fixed outcome service.