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Data Centre Migration

Accelerate and streamline your data centre move

DC Migration

Achieve a secure and smooth transition to your new environment

Our Data Centre Migration service gets you where you want to go faster.

Whether you’re making the move to a co-location provider, heading to the cloud, or tackling a business merger or acquisition, one thing’s for sure: Ensuring your migration completes as quickly and safely as possible – with zero downtime or delays – means you’ll be able to:

  • Drive change faster – with an optimised operating environment
  • Take advantage of new capabilities to drive more innovation
  • Achieve sustainability –  and gain net-carbon efficiencies and improve environmental compliance

Why work with Bell Integration?

Providing a highly orchestrated and predictable process our Data Centre Migration service ensures:

  • You gain full visibility into your infrastructure before, during and after migration.
  • Your critical apps, data and services are transitioned without disrupting business-as-usual operations.
  • Your target environment is appropriately configured, validated, optimised to support your future operational vision.
  • You appropriately align your workloads for maximum agility and performance.
  • All target milestones and outcomes are met.
  • You achieve a fixed price migration, with no costly overruns or delays.

Our Approach to Data Centre Migration

1.58 Min

A comprehensive end-to-end approach

Our end-to-end process provides a systematic, risk-free approach to managing a planned transition to your new environment and achieving your data centre optimisation vision.

To minimise downtime and disruption, everything we do is underpinned by our industry-leading, end-to-end workload migration platform – vClarus – a key contributor to the enviable reputation we’ve earned in this field.

From application discovery to solution design and flawless workload migration, we’ve got it covered.

  • 1. Assess and advise

    Talking to all stakeholders – including business owners – we tightly define the scope and goals of the migration project and establish the preferred target architecture standards for migrated workloads in your destination environment.

  • 2. Discovery

    Next, we undertake a comprehensive application and systems discovery process – evaluating all security, integration, internal and external dependencies – and undertake hierarchy mapping to evaluate exactly what underpins your existing service environment. Finally, using this data we advise on the best migration strategies and approaches and define the major milestones that will be captured as part of any migration event.

  • 3. Design and Build

    We develop a detailed migration strategy, together with timeline, for the transformation of all applications and services. We create repeatable application build and migration factory processes, along with defined forward path recommendations.

  • 4. Execution

    We handle all programme and technical governance, as well as on-going data repository management, utilising our vClarus toolset to ensure your migration execution is sequenced correctly. Alongside addressing issues like service availability and security, we deploy data migration tools to minimise disruption and assure data integrity. Plus, we undertake constant monitoring and testing throughout the execution process to ensure problems are instantly addressed – and deadlines met.

Bell Integration has significant experience in this arena, having migrated tens of thousands of workloads successfully, on time and on budget.