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Data Centre Optimisation

Combat Rising Energy Costs With Data Centre Optimisation

DC Optimisation

Improve efficiency and performance whilst reducing costs

Bell Integration is working with colocation data centre providers and business owners to help them to optimise, consolidate and modernise their IT infrastructure.

Experience tells us that 20% of all data centres have orphaned legacy servers, which can be safely and securely removed to reduce energy bills and help meet environmental compliance.

Keeping the data centre running, and cool, is now more expensive than ever. The lack of security of energy supply has led to unprecedented price increases in wholesale energy in the UK.

“Forbes state 30% all of data centre workloads are orphaned which can be safely and securely removed, combined with modernisation and optimisation to deliver significant energy reduction and help meet environmental compliance.”

Forbes – 30% Of Servers Are Sitting “Comatose” According To Research 2015

Reduce your energy costs


Cutting-edge and cost-effective DC solutions, underpinned by vClarus, our proprietary and exclusive IP, improve efficiency, agility, security and control and provide:

  • Data Centre Asset Discovery

    Utilising the accelerated discovery capability within vClarus, we can quickly identify servers that are orphaned or are running minimal workloads, and could be securely decommissioned or consolidated to reduce energy consumption.

  • Data Centre Migration Services

    Whether you’re making the move to another colocation provider or heading to the cloud, our vClarus migration framework combines the governance tools, people and processes required to architect a tightly defined migration project. vClarus simplifies decision-making, streamlines planning and preparation while assuring execution with security and control.

  • Data Centre Consolidation

    We can provide all the expertise, engineering and logistics to help reduce your data centre’s footprint safely and securely, with no business disruption or impact to resilience or performance. We can also handle the secure collection, data destruction and sustainable disposal of any decommissioned and redundant IT assets.

  • IT Infrastructure Modernisation

    We can help you future-proof your data centre implementing the latest energy efficient technology solutions.

  • Data Centre Monitoring and Management

    Taking care of everything from maintaining your data centre hardware and software, to 24x7 monitoring of everything from bandwidth scaling and application performance to usage changes. Underpinned with AI and automation technologies, we actively manage and maintain systems with heightened service levels, improved efficiency and reduced costs.

  • Data Centre Operations

    We can help you understand the building infrastructure where your data centre is operating by providing insights into the facilities and physical infrastructure. In conjunction with existing building management systems, these data insights will assist in decisions about energy efficiencies, optimisation and infrastructure resilience.

With the implementation of the right DC optimisation strategy, our customers can achieve ROI within 90 days.

Our end-to-end process provides a systematic risk-free approach to an improved energy efficient IT environment.