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IT Finance

Smart finance options help you deploy technology fast

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Unlock innovation and growth with flexible finance solutions that allow you to spread the cost of technology ownership and make the most of your IT budget.

Designed to help you seize new opportunities fast, with minimal capital outlay, our IT finance solutions enable you to deploy the latest technologies and gain a competitive edge.

Giving you a streamlined way to procure hardware, software and services under a single payment agreement, our tailor-made solutions enable you to finance, lease or rent IT solutions for any type of IT project.

From technology refreshes through to major migration projects, we ensure budgetary constraints won’t hold you back from forging ahead at speed.

With Bell Integration, you can acquire all the IT you need to get ahead and stay ahead – with minimal capital outlay.

  • Kick-off projects faster

    With Bell Integration you can finance end-to-end hardware and software IT solutions from any manufacturer. We make it easy to combine hardware, software, services and even cloud technologies to achieve your desired outcomes in ultra-fast timelines. From enterprise networking and the data centre through to workplace collaboration and cybersecurity, we streamline how you acquire the technology your business needs to grow and thrive.

  • Spread the cost of ownership

    Eliminating expensive up front costs, our IT finance solutions enable you to spread the cost of technology acquisition over time. With Bell Integration you’ll benefit from defined payback periods and predictable fixed payments that make it easier to plan ahead.

  • A choice of sustainable finance options

    Because we know that one size doesn’t fit all, we offer a choice of flexible financing, leasing, and ‘pay as you use’ subscription solutions that make it easy to support your specific business needs. With Bell Integration you’re able to select both the technology and terms that works best for your business, while protecting your cash flow and preserving precious IT budgets.

  • Accelerate your sustainability goals

    Support the circular economy and avoid legacy costs with finance solutions that enable you to embrace an IT lifecycle management strategy. Now you can return old equipment and take advantage of re-use and recycle programs that minimise the environmental impact of your IT operations.

Working with an experienced business partner such as Bell Integration will open up a multitude of avenues allowing you to get the very best for your budget.