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Minimise the environmental impact of your organisation


Helping you rethink how you manage redundant and end-of-life technology assets

The rapid pace of digital transformation means that end-of-life device management is becoming a top priority.

Today’s demanding IT environmental and sustainability requirements mean you need to re-evaluate your IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) processes so you can reduce e-waste, minimise your organisation’s contribution to landfill and offset GHG carbon emissions.

With customers, investors, regulators and employees actively evaluating your organisation’s performance on sustainability and CSR issues, how you manage the retirement and disposal of end-of-life assets is now mission-critical for your brand.

By rethinking how you manage the disposal of used and redundant IT assets, you’ll be able to unleash recycle, resale and re-use initiatives across the enterprise that elevate your organisation’s sustainability credentials.

Our specialist services enable you to:

  • Recover value from usable devices and components for reinvestment into new IT and services
  • Redeploy usable assets into new environments – embedding sustainability into asset lifecycles
  • Sanitise assets for resale, donation, component recovery and recycling
  • Participate in the circular economy and showcase your organisation’s sustainability credentials

eWaste Services From Bell Integration


Why work with Bell Integration

For over 25 years, we’ve been leading the way in eWaste management services. As a strategic partner to many global institutions and telcoms companies, we’re experienced at handling everything from datacentre decommissioning and pan-European asset refresh projects that include the disposal of assets and the recovery of materials for recycling or reuse.

Last year alone we processed 71,000 assets and 220 tonnes of eWaste, and 0% ended up in landfill. Meanwhile our fully accredited data sanitation, destruction and storage services achieved a 100% data compliance record.

Our eWaste services include:

  • Discovery, audit and valuation

    We identify the best options for reducing e-waste and achieving your organisation’s ESG targets.

  • Data wiping and destruction

    We have a 100% data compliance record in line with NIST, HMG 1A5 and BSI requirements.

  • Decommissioning and secure logistics

    We provide safe and secure logistics when decommissioning your assets that brings the cost down.

  • WEEE compliant

    Our recycling and disposal programmes are WEEE compliant.

  • Resale and reuse

    Our resale and reuse and donation programmes capture residual value from your assets.

  • Secure storage

    We store your assets for future re-deployment in our ADISA accredited facilities.

Taking care of every aspect of your eWaste programme, we’ll evaluate your assets and provide recommendations on how to manage IT asset disposition in a sustainable and secure way. You’ll gain detailed reporting, including waste declarations and transfer notices.