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IT Asset Resale

Recover value and drive sustainability goals from unused IT equipment

IT Resale

Generate a positive return from surplus and retired assets

Intelligently repurposing equipment or assets that are no longer required is the key to preserving resources and increasing ROI on IT hardware investments.

By taking a proactive approach to asset resale and remarketing, organisations can generate revenue returns from their excess inventory and maximise the usable life of retired equipment:

  • Unlock the potential value – of ageing equipment and surplus assets.
  • Utilise resale proceeds – to fund future transformation projects or new inventory.
  • Pursue an environmental sustainability strategy.
  • Utilise space – and minimise the need to store redundant assets.

Release the benefits of IT Asset Resale

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Why work with Bell

  • Onsite Discovery

    A full site survey and equipment audit

  • Secure Logistics and Processes

    We offer a secure de-installation and collection service, with data sanitation/hard drive wiping (featuring Blancco data erasure/destruction) on and off site. All IT assets are processed at our ADISA approved facility.

  • Recoup Cost

    We assess the residual value of old assets and, on receipt of assets, finalise the value that will be returned to you.

  • Sustainable Resale or Donation

    Promote sustainability initiatives and generate resale value from an extensive range of IT infrastructure assets, including servers, network devices, storage and end user devices. Alternatively, we are happy to donate your recycled IT equipment to a charity of your choosing.

  • Fully Documented

    Detailed settlement reports, including Certificates of Destruction and supporting documentation for all disposed, and Blancco data wiped equipment, are provided.

  • Fully Compliant

    Systems/assets with no value are recycled in adherence with local regulatory guidelines, such as EPA and WEEE.

With identity data theft, standards compliance and environmental liability are increasingly top of mind for today’s businesses. Our Asset Resale service makes it easy to audit and resell IT equipment and devices in a highly robust, secure and compliant manner.