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ITAD Compliance

Ensure data privacy on unused assets

ITAD compliance

Helping you meet all of your compliance and regulatory requirements

The rapid acceleration of digitalisation means that finding robust and compliant ways to manage the reuse or disposal of data-bearing IT assets is a growing concern for today’s IT organisations.

With over 25 years’ experience in secure IT asset disposal (ITAD) and information security management, our fully accredited data sanitisation and data destruction services deliver full and fail-safe compliance with all applicable industry and regulatory standards.

Why Work with Bell

From the physical destruction of hard disk drives to the sanitisation and erasure of data held on assets, our fully accredited services are utilised by financial institutions and telecoms companies around the globe who need to be certain they eliminate any risk of proprietary or regulated data leaks resulting from ITAD activities.

Designed to address growing concerns about data privacy and security at every stage of the IT asset lifecycle, our comprehensive portfolio of services enable you to:

  • Minimise the business risk of data security

    Understand the data disposal rules relating to redundant IT and AV hardware and the most appropriate destruction or data wiping methods to apply to any device featuring a data storage component: enterprise storage and servers, PCs, mobile devices, edge computing and IoT devices.

  • Enable a secure ITAD supply chain

    We’ll handle the secure de-install and transport of redundant assets to our ADISA accredited facility. All our engineers and drivers are securely vetted, and our vans are fitted with CCTV and tracking to provide a full record of the end-to-end process.

  • Protect IP and other sensitive data

    To maximise the protection of assets with the very highest data sensitivity classification, our fleet of disk shredding vehicles can provide onsite data destruction of all types of hard and solid state drives, tapes, mobile phones, circuit boards and other IT-related items. Activities can be monitored to provide time/date stamped video records of destruction for every asset.

  • Governance

    Bell’s data erasure and destruction procedures ensure your data is certified as being wiped to the correct level. Our highly resilient processes are all audited in line with ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management (ISMS) standards.

  • Certification and audit trails

    Demonstrate a complete audit trail and proof of GDPR compliance with Certificates of Destruction and Waste Transfer Notes that provide evidence of data eradication, together with detailed asset reporting.

We ensure compliance through fully accredited facilities, processes and staff