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Application Transformation

Evolve your applications to maintain a competitive edge

Managed AI

Transform legacy applications and take full advantage of the cloud

You need to ensure that your business-critical applications stay relevant and aligned to modern user expectations. That means leveraging technologies like cloud and big data to maintain a competitive edge and build a foundation for a resilient, future-ready business.

But bringing legacy applications to modern infrastructures and technologies is a challenging proposition. One that involves navigating complex interdependencies and interoperability issues, alongside data migration and security challenges.

You need to find away to surmount these issues, so you can take full advantage of modern technologies and cloud capabilities that will generate new operational efficiencies and agility. By doing so, you will be able to:

  • Initiate modern user interfaces that make life easier and more productive for employees
  • Unleash critical data trapped in legacy systems
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining outdated platforms
  • Enhance the reliability and availability of applications
  • Accelerate the adoption of technologies like AI, machine learning, cloud and blockchain

Future-proof your business with Bell Integration

Expert at enabling organisations to formulate application transformation strategies that unlock new business value, Bell Integration can help you accelerate your modernisation vision. Working in partnership with you, we can help you evaluate and execute every aspect of your transformation project. Our agile approach includes:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your current application environment, aligning your value realisation goals to business objectives and results.
  • Defining and developing a roadmap and strategy for prioritising which applications to modernise in a phased, value-added manner.
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance the functionality and performance of legacy applications
  • Verifying modernised applications will meet all relevant compliance requirements

As part of our application transformation discovery process, we determine the best modernisation approach for each legacy platform. These include:

  • Rehost (lift and shift)

    A rapid way to minimise technical debt and ramp up organisational agility with minimal coding changes, we’ll modify and rehost your application to a new infrastructure such as public cloud.

  • Refactor

    We make changes to the internal structure of your legacy application to improve its readability and ease of maintenance without altering its external behaviour. Refactoring can help improve compatibility of your application and enable the addition of new features. For example, breaking it down into smaller more independent microservices that can take advantage of cloud-native infrastructure and tools.

  • Replatform

    We modify a legacy system so it will run optimally in the cloud, enabling new cloud-native features like auto-scalability and undertake tasks like modifying or replacing the back-end database. The aim of the game here is to ensure your legacy application is equipped with the scalability, security and improved performance required to meet modern business needs and can integrate with other systems seamlessly.

  • Rebuild

    A more intense approach for large and complex applications that have evolved over time, we entirely rewrite the application’s code for use within cloud services, rethink functional properties and identify opportunities to jettison outdated features.

  • Retire

    We evaluate the overall lifecycle of an application and its continued viability in the business. If it proves beneficial to retire the product, we’ll integrate its functional requirements into a new or existing application.

To capture long term value, we’ll help you evaluate your infrastructure and data architecture choices and formulate the best transformation path for your organisation.