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Specialist MFA Vendor IDEE GmbH & UK Digital Transformation powerhouse, Bell Integration Agree New Partnership to Provide Phish-proof MFA.

MFA specialist IDEE GmbH and Bell Integration agree on new partnership to prevent all credential phishing and password-based attacks across several use cases including employee MFA, supply chain authentication and CIAM.

Munich, Germany – April 11, 2023: As one of the most recognised names in the UK IT industry, Bell Integration, offers IT expertise and services with broad capabilities including managed services for clients on multiple continents.

The IDEE – Bell partnership allows Bell to deliver on an MFA solution that prevents all types of credential phishing and password-based attacks and not just minimize the risk of some types of phishing, such as brute force attacks. Organizations find it too challenging to acquire, manage, and administer additional devices for each user to perform MFA. In some use cases involving suppliers, partners, or consumers, second devices simply cannot be enforced.

Push, QR, OTP and SMS based MFA with less robust architectures demand much longer and more complex projects from planning to implementation. With passwords remaining, there are no net gains to be had in ownership costs either. With limited cyber security expertise and resources available, this scenario is simply unsustainable. Neither service providers nor end customers win with this approach. AuthN by IDEE provides Bell with a phish-proof, single-device proposition that requires no further software or hardware and that can be deployed in just minutes, making it an ideal fit for managed services at scale. With common systems upgraded to SaaS passwordless MFA with AuthN, customers save money too with password management being drastically reduced to a bare minimum.

Bell sees a great fit with many of the use cases it serves within financial services and the telco industries. AuthN by IDEE is the perfect addition to a fast-growing MSP business, with virtually instant phishing protection for Microsoft, AWS, Google Workspace, VPNs, and other remote desktop/server sessions.

“The world changed with working from home. It changed again geo-politically in 2022. And again, in early 2023. 90% of all breaches started with phishing in 2022, despite what organisations use by way of 2FA or MFA.” said Neil Pratt at Bell

“The question is not whether you will be held to ransom or whether your data will be breached but when. Today we can only recommend eliminating the root-cause of the issue: passwords. Go passwordless. Do it with IDEE. Do it without any second device, in minutes. Do it for your AD (Active Directory), for you VPN. Do it for your remote desktop & servers. Do you for VDIs and web applications. Do it before it costs you your business.”

“I am personally very humbled that IDEE has been chosen by such a well-regarded partner with roots in the UK but global deliverables. Breaking the mould or leading the pack requires focus. It takes intent. We are impressed by Bell’s professionalism, structure, and the deepest attention to their clients’ needs, which all bode well for a successful relationship. The security of our clients is not an area to compromise. For those who doubt the value of the channel, this is an excellent case-study too. TD Synnex perfectly understood our value-proposition and the types of use cases we solve, whether it be employee authentication, the protection of the supply-chain, consumer authentication or CIAM. It was very early in our relationship they matched us with Bell Integration, and it has been rewarding for both parties thus far.” Said Alex Christophe, Sales Director, IDEE.

About IDEE

IDEE GmbH is the German technology company behind AuthN. AuthN from IDEE enables people, organizations, and systems to connect privately, safely, and securely using the world’s first 100% passwordless and 100% tamper-proof identification, authentication, and authorization solution. Founded in 2015, IDEE is already recognized as a technology leader, serving highly regulated financial giants like Deka Bank with its privacy-friendly approach to identity access. Privacy means IDEE does not collect and store any personal data from users, organizations, or devices, solving the industry’s most pressing and long-standing problem of identity-based attacks with elegant, frictionless, and easy-to-implement solutions.

About Bell Integration

For over 25 years Bell Integration have been offering their customers disruptive, market leading technology solutions and IT managed services that reduce cost and improve productivity and increase business efficiency.

Privately owned, Bell are able react fast to their customer’s needs, providing a full stable of cradle to the grave multi-vendor services that address the pain points of deploying managing, supporting and decommissioning modern hybrid IT environments.

We pride ourselves on providing consistent, high-quality experience for all our customers, and work with many global Fin-techs and Telcos ensuring their IT services and infrastructure is always available, scalable, and resilient.

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